How to Plan Your Travel Wardrobe!

March 3, 2020

Looking forward to a holiday you booked is always an exciting thing! However, what to wear and the packing can quickly turn that excitement into a nightmare. Arguably the worst part of a holiday is packing what to wear whilst you are there! This article will hopefully ease that a little, by giving some tips and tricks of what you should think about when going to your wardrobe and packing! 

Check the Climate

This is an obvious big thing to think about, what is the climate of the place you are headed? Because a trip to Canada, and a Trip to the Bahamas would require completely different sets of clothes! If it is somewhere hot, then the recommendation would be light clothes, white and pastels as these colours will not absorb the sunlight as much as dark colours would. Dark colours would leave you feeling hot and heavy, and that is not how we want to feel when we are having fun on our holidays! Also the humidity and the overall climate of the location, is it a dusty dessert, a beach, or a hot and humid city. Always keep in mind the climate and the weather for the place you are set to holiday in!

What is Trending? 

Are you someone that likes to keep on trend? Do you follow fashion trends? If this sounds like you, then maybe have a look at what is currently trending at the moment, and then let that be your guide in what to wear. Strut down the Avenues and Streets of New York in the latest Trench Coat trends that seem to be taking over fashion houses currently. Bold colours, set a statement. If you are a confident soul when it comes to trying new fashion trends, then keep that in mind when going to find your travel wardrobe. Also, something to think about is how long are you staying in that country? Always make sure you bring enough clothes to cover the entire trip. If you are going to a posh restaurant on your trip, or going to a fancy event, make sure you bring some extra smart attire, a smart evening dress or a suit, as some of these places may have a dress code. It will save you having to run and buy anything whilst you are there, so at the same time it can save you money, and valuable time on your vacation.

The Perfect Accessories

Last but not least, the perfect accessories are needed to finish any look that you take with you on your travels. Do you wear watches? Have you got a favourite necklace you like to wear? The Tag Heuer white rubber strap is always a good option if you want style, and function. A dropping necklace is always an amazing fit when you are wearing a plunging loose fit shirt. The accessories you choose to go with your look make or break an outfit, so make sure you choose wisely.

So, you have your bags packed now, what's next? Enjoy your vacation! Yes, packing the perfect looks can be stressful, but don't let it ruin your holiday spirit! Go and explore the world, and look good whilst doing it!

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