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The Birthday that I was Told I would Most Likely Not Live to See

Caravan Sonnet
Yesterday I reached a milestone that held special meaning beyond a number. I shared with my social media communities this letter that I wrote to this special day... 

To the birthday today that 7 years ago (2013) I was told I would most likely not live to see because I was diagnosed with Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease & Cancer ... today brought a deep gratitude that words can't express...

To the birthday today that 6 years ago (2014) I was told that in addition to the above two diseases I was also fighting three other complicated health issues & looking at several organs shutting down & my oxygen levels were dangerously low... today breathing fresh air outside a hospital brought gratitude with tears...

To the birthday today that 5 years ago (2015) I spent in an ER due to complications from treatment... today brought simple gratitude that I was not in treatment...

To the birthday today that 4 years ago (2016) when I found out that I had a serious blood clot due to my PICC line & it had to be removed immediately... today I am grateful for all that #niccthepic did to help me get to you

To the birthday today that 3 years ago (2017) when I was once again told I would never see 40 years old because I needed emergency surgery because I was most likely facing an aggressive form of Cancer is beautiful to be here Cancer free.

And to the birthday today...the 40th that I was told I would "never see"...I am so glad that I didn't believe what so many "experts" said...because you, my 40th birthday have been fought for very hard...through blood, sweat, & tears that only the closet know about...I so wish my daddy could have been here...he & my precious mom would speak truth & life into each fear & tell me again & again how wonderful it was going to be to meet this day...and here we are...

So my dear 40th birthday... I am so glad to meet start a beautiful new year & decade...and to continue to live in a speechless gratitude of every single day I am given. You are a priceless gift.

"The people who survived the wars have found favor in the desert. The Lord said, "I love you with an everlasting love....once again I will build you up, & you will be rebuilt, my dear people...once again you will take your tambourines & you will go dancing with happy people...once again you will plant..." 
// Jeremiah 31//