How To Help An Older Loved One To Remain Independent

March 18, 2020

As we get older, we all need a little bit of extra help here and there, and that’s a normal part of getting older. Sadly, our bodies are no longer able to function in the way that they once were, which means that when it comes to coping with daily life, things can sometimes become somewhat tricky. 

That is why a large proportion of the older population end up requiring care and support as they age, from family, friends and professional carers. While it’s all well and good having a little extra help, the one thing that most older adults fear is losing their independence entirely. 

While sadly, in some instances, it isn’t always possible to preserve an older adult’s independence, there are steps that you can take to give your older loved one the best chance of remaining independent. 

Wondering what these steps are? Have a read of the ideas below! 

Help them manage existing health conditions 
When it comes to making life easier for your loved ones, it’s a good idea to encourage them to effectively manage their existing health conditions. Whether your older relative is struggling with hearing issues and needs to learn more about caring for their hearing aids or requires support with a mobility issue, by helping them to manage existing health conditions you can give them a better chance of continuing to live independently. 

The fact is that if a health condition is under control and is being effectively managed, then it becomes  far easier for your loved one to continue living at home independently. Whereas, if they are struggling to cope with a health problem, concerns may be raised by social services over their ability to care for themselves. 

Adapt their home 
To help your loved one to manage better at home, helping them to adapt any areas of it that need adapting, can be a great step to take. Whether it is adding a stair lift to help prevent trips and falls, placing grab bars around their home, or fitting a key box outside so that in an emergency there is quick and easy access to the property. 

Think about what your loved one needs their home to offer to make living there easier for them. If you’re not sure, then why not take the time to actually ask them what they want from their home? By asking them directly what they need, you can make life far easier - and more enjoyable - for them. 

Make daily life as easy as possibleWhen it comes to improving the ease of daily life, there are plenty of steps that you can opt to take to help them to get by. 

Simple things like batch cooking meals for them that you then portion up and freeze for them to reheat can make life easier. As can booking a meal delivery service, that ensures they have access to high quality meals. 

Having a cleaner come in on a regular basis can also help to make life far simpler and easier for your loved one. 

As can having a daily carer come in to help support them with anything that they might need. 

Take note of the steps above, and you can help your older loved one to remain independent. 

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