Tips To Look After Your Eyesight

March 5, 2020

Your eyesight is an important part of your health and it can be a vulnerable part of the body that you don’t want to compromise. It’s good to keep an eye on it (pun not intended) and there are ways that you can do that in order to keep that vision healthier for longer. Here are some tips to look after your eyesight.

Be Wary Of How Much Screen Time You GetWe all use computers, phones and other electronic devices on a daily basis. Some of us use it more than others but there’s a lot of us that will use it too much. Having too much screen time can really impact your eye health and it’s important to improve that when it comes down to how much time you do get. Try to limit your time in the day and evening as to when you use the computer or phone. Regulate how much time you have and have a break when your eyes need it. This should be at least every hour and it should be a good ten to fifteen minute break away from any type of screen. The blue light in your screens can be harmful to the eyes if you overexpose them to it too much, so it might be worth getting glasses that block out that light too.

Get Regular Eye ChecksEye care is something to incorporate into your medical health checks. It is as important as any other doctor’s appointment is, even if you don’t have any problems with your eyes or feel like there’s any issues. An optician is going to be more qualified to give you the diagnosis on how your eyes are doing. Book yourself in or make sure they remind you as and when you need a check-up. Do express any concerns you might have, whether it’s as simply as dry eyes or something more serious like blurred vision.

Be Conscious Of HygieneTry to be conscious of hygiene when it comes to your eyes because even though they’re quite robust in how they look after themselves, they can get easily damaged. Try to be conscious of how you clean your eyes, making sure to wash your eyes out with an eye solution should you ever get anything into it that shouldn’t be there. Be careful of the makeup you use and ensure that no outdated makeup is used around your eyes as this can cause infections too.

Protect Your Eyes From UV RaysUV rays are definitely something we forget about when it comes to your eye health because it can be easy to go out into the sun without thinking about wearing protection. However, it’s important you do so and get the right sunglasses to help protect your eyes. You don’t want to cause damage to your retinas by exposing it to the sun.

Looking after your eyesight is important no matter what age you’re at, so work on improving your eye health as much as possible.

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