4 Things to Consider When Buying a House

March 17, 2020

Buying a house is very a daunting prospect especially for the first time. It’s a difficult thing to plan financially and impossible to do without professional help. Don’t worry, take your time and write a checklist of the important things to consider during the process of buying a house and work through them step by step. This can include the condition of the property itself and the area, and ways you can budget and save money. Here are four areas to look out when buying a house.

1. Inspections
Ensure that maintenance checks either have been or will be carried out for damp, security, and seeing if all fixtures work or need replacing. Have a look round the house yourself when you view it and test the electrics, make sure you get all the switches and outlets, check the water in the taps and the bathroom, check the gas and make sure you can get cell signal. These are all essential things you won’t want to live without and that will cost to be repaired. Check the water pressure in the bathroom, no one wants a weak shower. These little details can be essential to making you comfortable in your new home. Vet the seller too, find out what you can to see if you get a good vibe from him or her. This might seem a little nosey but they’re probably going to the same to you. Have a surveyor come round to check for any faults and necessary repairs. Inspections are a standard procedure before buying a house. Surveys and repairs will cost you, but it’s essential that you make sure everything in your new property is in working order. 

2. The Local Area
Not only do you need to know your potential new property inside out, but make sure you do some research on the neighborhood as well, and the neighbors. There could have been disputes with the neighbors in the past and you’ll want to know why. If you have or are planning on having children, find out about local schools. Is there anything being built near your new house or other community projects taking place? Make sure you view the property and the local area at different times of day to get a feel what it’s like. Take as many photos as you can, but ask your realtor first out of courtesy. What about the geography of the area? Is there any danger of flooding for example?

3. Financing
Once you’ve found an affordable property you’ll be going through a lot of background checks before you can set up your financing, therefore, it’s vital to check that all your affairs are in order before this. Make sure you have forgotten anything, even forgetting the tiniest bills or taxes that haven’t been completed. If you have any other loans it’s a good idea to get these out of the way first. Set yourself up for a clear credit check so that you’re good to go. There are mortgage calculators online to help you analyze your options. Once you have figured out your financing, you will already feel much more comfortable and knowledgeable. They are there to help you understand the small print. Make sure you go through the contract with a fine-tooth comb and that you comprehend everything that is expected of you and the seller. In the unlikely case that something does go wrong, it’s vital to know when you can pull out of the contract. Find out how long you have to shake hands on the deal. 

4. The Environment
Don’t worry too much about spending all the money you have left after that down payment if you don’t feel comfortable. Nowadays there are many websites where you can find second-hand furniture and household items for sale very cheaply or even on offer for free. Freecycle is an example of a free trading website, nothing is for sale, it’s just people giving away items they no longer need, but in the majority of cases, they’re in good condition and need to go to a decent home. You might find when moving house you double up on things and lose others, so this is a great way to get rid of and exchange items without spending any money. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Reduce your carbon footprint by upcycling old household products and materials, you’ll find a second use for anything. This a creative and unique way to decorate your new house.

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