Returning To The Best Sense Of 'You

March 6, 2020

In life, it’s very easy to live on someone else’s terms. It might simply be that a belief we accepted as a child is now something that guides our life, such as our parent’s telling us to always work hard and appreciate any opportunity we’re given. This can be a real positive influence on our lives, and it’s worth respecting that.

However, it can also be that negative beliefs shape how we act on a daily basis, and that can cause some real harm. For instance,  you may have been told by a past toxic boyfriend that a woman dressing in revealing or figure-hugging clothing is simply a means to get attention and that they shouldn’t do that, and now this makes you anxious when hoping to wear that beautiful evening dress.

This is an example of a negative, harmful and untrue perception, and it’s worth us being able to untangle the power these opinions others have over us, and to confirm our own intent. If you wish to wear that dress, we’re sure you’d look fantastic in it, and it says nothing about your character to do so. 

With that in mind, we hope to help you return to that best sense of ‘you’ via the following advice:

Don’t Apologize For Being Yourself
Don’t apologize for being yourself. Many people will object to you in various ways, and you will object to them as well. It’s part of being human, we simply cannot get along with everyone. But the truth is that if someone actively tries to belittle you, or tries to make you feel bad about expressing your natural self, you needn’t hold their opinion with any kind of weight. The more you can accept yourself, the less you’ll need to be accepted by others.

Improve & Enjoy Yourself
It can be nice to continually improve yourself and move towards the best sense of you, even if it takes a while for you to arrive at the destination you’re looking for. For instance, working out three times a week will help you slowly grow into feeling better about your body, even if you have perceived ‘flaws,’ it’s the effort that will help you enjoy yourself and remain confident in exactly who you are. Many people think improving yourself is changing yourself away from who you are, but rather, just like vein treatment, it can be a healthy means of running into who you could be.

Keep Promises To Yourself
There’s nothing quite as harming to your personal sense of security than to break promises to yourself. This may be felt in losing your temper with someone, or in forgoing the habits you had promiised to yourself you would break. While it’s important to be flexible and to give yourself a break from time to time, it can also be very healthy to set boundaries for yourself and learn. The more promises you can keep to yourself, the more you trust your decisions, and that can be a very powerful ideal to come to and grow from.

With this advice, we hope you can routinely return to the best sense of ‘you.’

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