4 Ways to Live a More Intentional Style of Life

March 16, 2020

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Despite our intentions to feel positive in life, the reality is that we are being force-fed images on TV and via social media that evoke feelings of envy, inadequacy and inferiority. Sure, we all have our share of good days, but the bad news is that we usually cannot fully escape these negative thoughts unless we bring about real change in life.

So, why is it that we're all chasing after happiness with the way we look and with material items? This is exactly why we need to learn to be intentional with everything we do in life. We want to be perfectly happy with going after a bit less. Here are some tips to help you get there.
1. Be Aware of Your Own Personal Self
You need to have awareness around yourself. We will go out and make a purchase of a material item not out of a need, but instead because we are trying to deal with something on an emotional level. You could be going through issues with work, school, your personal life, or something else. Before you make that purchase, think through if it is a need and be more self-aware of what the real root of the issue is.
2. Focus on Yourself with Exercise
You need to be sure you are giving time to yourself to live your best life. The way you treat your body has nothing to do with your status in life, how much money is in your bank account, or how many materials items you own. When you take care of yourself, you are giving back to your own mental state and thereby improving your self-esteem. Get to the gym and exercise every day. You need to be disciplined, as doing so will help you control other facets of your life as well.
3. Dress in What Makes You Comfortable
Find a form of attire you feel comfortable in. This should not be exactly what you see celebrities wear on television. We all need our own version of the little black dress to put on to feel our very best, but that can be something and of a style that we make our own. Be intentional with your style, be unique, and feel better about what you are wearing. 
4. Unplug Devices for a Set Time Daily
This gets back to the topic of having a lot of discipline, but you want to have the dedication to unplug from your devices for a period of time every day. Set a time during the day or night when you're not using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or anything else. Try to unplug and focus on where you are in the moment. Take time to go out for a hike, try a new restaurant and have a conversation with the other person, rather than staring at your phone every few minutes. 
Making the Shift With Your Mind
It is all about making that immediate shift with your mind and how you go about things in your daily life. When you are feeling down, looking for a coping mechanism that is not going out and making an impulse purchase is a great start. Focus on yourself with exercise, with unplugging from the devices, and wearing a style that works for you and your own unique self. Do all this, be intentional, and be happier each day.

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