Packing For Any Vacation

January 16, 2020

If you are still packing enough for a month on vacation when in reality, you have 5 days to unwind - then it’s time to pack smarter, lighter, and faster. Imagine how much lighter the trunk of the car or the luggage carrying from the airport to the transfer bus will be when you start using hacks to get it right.

You know how many days you will be on vacation. And the chances are you know where you want to go when you are there too. Which is perfect, because you can create a capsule travel wardrobe. So skip packing things as individual pieces, and start packing by the outfit. And remember that just like at home, you can wear something more than once. 

If you are looking for luggage that can work well to help transport all of your luggage, then consider what the best carry on luggage will be!

One of the most enjoyable things, before you head off, can be treating yourself to something beautiful to wear while you are away, so pick something high-quality from online boutiques and make that one of the outfits. 

Flat Lay
Now while this might be something people do for taking photos for Instagram, it is beneficial to take a bird’s eye view at everything you are packing. Put each outfit into a pile, and make sure you have everything you need for it. 

If you are taking a couple of outfits that need boots or shoes that you weren’t planning to take, then rethink the outfit rather than take extra shoes. You can also pack all of the bulkier items at the bottom of the bag, and then place the smaller items in and around them - rather than fold and put away as you would into a drawer. 

Dryer Sheets
Dryer sheets are usually scented, and when places in your luggage will keep your clothing fresh while it goes through transfers or sits in the trunk while you drive to your vacation destination. An alternative to this is drawer liners. 

If you are going to be heading off into the ocean or taking a swim, then remember that swimming costumes can smell of chlorine after they have dried, and if you haven’t got access to a washing machine, then your clothes will smell too when in the same bag. Bringing some plastic grocery bags will give you somewhere to put the costumes after they are dry (or while they are wet if you get in a last-minute swim or beach visit). 

Marie Kondo
No, you aren’t going to have a big clear out before you go on vacation (but you can if you want to), instead you are going to use Marie’s very effective packing method. The idea when using this method is that you can see everything without having to dig through the whole suitcase. Once you nail the technique, this is the fastest and most effective way to pack your clothing. 

If you find that you can never find underwear and socks once the bag is packed, use a clear zip bag to put those items in. No longer will you have to dig around to find the essentials. Of course, you can use the clear plastic zip bag for things like toiletries or a first aid kit too. 

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