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7 Tips for Anti-Aging

There are plenty of simple ways you can fight the effects of aging, things you can do and things you can avoid. By taking care of yourself a little bit better you’ll be able to get older with grace and style. Often it’s about inner wellness as well, and the happier you are the more youthful and glowing you’ll appear on the outside. Here are some tips to look healthier and younger. 

Don’t get too much sun
The sun is the worst thing for skin aging. Be careful staying out in it too long and always wear sun cream with a high SPF factor. Avoid using sunbeds and instead, consider using fake tan solutions which are better for your skin in the long run. Here are the top brands trending at the moment. 

Stay hydrated
Drink plenty of water and fluids. Avoid too much alcohol and caffeine. This will help you to feel refreshed and give you more energy as well. Opt for natural energy drinks and juices. Teas such as matcha and kombucha are very popular at the moment. 

Keep your skin hydrated as well. You’ll want to start a proper skincare routine and stick to it. Wash your face twice a day and even get an exfoliating brush. Use day cream in the morning and night cream before bed. You can read plenty of reviews of the best brands online. After that consider applying eye cream to reduce wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. 

Get rid of blemishes
Eye creams can help you with dark circles and there are some other makeup tricks you can use to get rid of blemishes. Use an anti-blemish solution or foundation, which will help to neutralize your skin tone. Non-greasy formulas are better for your skin. Avoid smoking and vaping as this can be worse for your skin and circulation and you might get varicose veins as a result. Read more here, about vaping and vein health

Nothing shows your age like neglected bad teeth. Get a consultation with a recommended dentist to see what treatments you can have done. You’ll see and feel the benefits for the rest of your life so it might just be worth the investment. 

It’s necessary for both your physical and mental well being to stay as active as possible. Why not try taking up a new sport or fitness class? These can also be done online at home using video tutorials, so a lack of time or distance can’t be your excuse anymore. There are plenty of fun options online. Make sure you include a mix of cardio, strengthening, and flexibility in your exercise plan. If you’d prefer, why not join a sports team in your local community? 

Beauty trends
If you color your hair, then always go for warmer tones. These will glow in the sun without being too white or similar to gray. Create full and thick eyebrows as this is in style at the moment, as well as eyelashes. Accentuating both will take years off you. 

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