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March 6, 2020

Happy Friday friends!! I hope that you had a wonderful week so far! Today I am so excited to share more about something that I mentioned on Instagram yesterday- the incredible opportunity to support these two amazing people (Zoey and Preston) as they head out into an exciting new season living and serving in Kandern, Germany at Black Forest Academy!

Each year on the blog I love sharing unique ways that you can give back to special happenings and events that are going on around the world related to some sort of travel- either places that I am heading to (like the money that we raised for Make-A-Wish Alaska last year!) or places that I have been to and causes that I believe in, like this year! 

I love choosing one special thing each year and sharing with this incredible community and this one holds a very special place in my heart as these are two of the most wonderful human beings I have ever met. You may remember that back in 2018 I traveled to Georgia to attend these two very special people's wedding (read HERE) and to see where they are heading now is just incredible. 

So as I mentioned Zoey and Preston are heading to Germany to work at  BFA (Black Forest Academy) which is located in Kandern, Germany! They need to raise all of the funds to move and work there and there are so many exciting ways that you can be part of this journey! 

You can join up to become a monthly partner with them (use this link HERE), which I have done (it is SO easy and is tax deductible!). Monthly partners are a huge need that they have right now. This Go Fund Me Campaign is designed to help set off some of this need.

Or you can give a one time donation to help us raise $4000 to go towards their funding!! You may be wondering why I chose the number $4000? As y'all know numbers have significance to me and when I choose the fundraising event for the blog each year I really consider what to choose. This number just "fit" as my 40th birthday quickly approaches in about 10 days! I would love if you would consider taking the time to donate $5, $10, $20, or $40 (or more!) to this incredible opportunity. 

Many of us may not have the ability, time, or opportunity to do something like this or change a child's life in this way... but you can be part of this- in giving to Zoey and Preston. 

Personally... I can't say enough about these two people... I have tears writing this... I met both Zoey and Preston when I taught them in Georgia. Throughout the last decade Zoey has quietly and behind-the-scenes been a faithful prayer warrior, friend, and confident as I have walked through being seriously ill. There have been more times that I have wept on the phone with her in this journey more than laughter. She has faithfully been encouraging and never once made me feel anything but my brokenness was welcome in her life.

When my precious daddy went home to be with Jesus in May... it has been Zoey who has faithfully continued to reach out and loved and prayed for me at all hours of the night - especially on difficult and fearful days. She has lovingly reminded me of the truth that I am not alone... and been Jesus' love in human form. Preston and Zoey have been faithfully and beautifully lifting us up in prayer in the most difficult and trying seasons of life... and yet no one would even know this because of the way that they draw no attention to themselves. 

I have full confidence that these two and can't even imagine how they will change the course of children's lives in the coming two years. Thank you so much for partnering with them, for your love and support each year of the different campaigns and fundraising we do here at Caravan Sonnet, and for investing in the lives of children you will never even meet here on earth. 

Head on over by clicking the link below to donate right now (NO donation is to small!)!!

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