5 Mindfulness Tips to Channel Your Inner Zen

June 22, 2020

Set your mind on a positive path this summer and learn to breeze through the stress of returning to work. Mindfulness is all about being aware, taking your time, and finding inner peace. It’s a practice that can easily be adapted to everyday life and any situation. 

This year has been challenging and embracing calm and happiness has been a little more difficult. Now that it’s time to prepare for a return to work and school, many people are feeling the pressure. Here are five mindfulness tips to channel your inner zen this summer.

Stop chasing inbox zero
Trying to clear your inbox of emails might feel like a never-ending task. Chasing the idea of “inbox zero” almost becomes procrastinating in itself. This is a proven way to increase stress and reduce productivity. Some people in fact prefer to accept the fact that they will always have infinite emails.

Try checking your emails at set times, rather than every five minutes. Whether you’re heading back to the office or working from home, this will definitely help you maintain your inner calm. If you’re feeling anxious about work you could consider telehealth. If you’re wondering what is telehealth, find out more online.

3-4-5 breathing technique
If you feel like you’re losing yourself in worry about the future or past regret, then this breathing technique is a good mindful practice to anchor you in the present. Mindfulness is about letting go of past regrets and focussing on the present, rather than being preoccupied with future uncertainty.

The 3-4-5 breathing technique is very handy if you’re feeling anxious and need to calm down. Breathe in for three seconds, hold it for four, and breathe out for five. 

Meditate on your commute
If you’re having to face the challenges of a socially distanced commute, then why not reduce your anxiety by meditating? It’s stressful returning to work and spending long periods out in public. Here’s how to meditate on your commute.

Sit or stand somewhere comfortable. Take twenty seconds to note all the sounds you hear, then repeat this for all the other senses, sights, smells, tastes, and touch. This combined with your breathing exercises will help you take yourself away from all the “mental chatter” distracting you. 

Kakeibo (the Japanese art of saving)
The Japanese art of Kakeibo recommends making a money journal to prevent money from causing you too much stress. It’s a five-step mindful process. On the first page of your journal you write your money goals, and on the next you write your budget. You’ll need to review this plus your weekly spending. 

The idea is that by forcing yourself to write everything down you’re being more mindful about your spending. 

Unlock your creativity
Creative hobbies are perfect mindful practices. You allow yourself to relax by engaging in more stimulating activities. Even if it’s as little as keeping a journal by your bed, and writing your first thoughts in the morning, this will help you to gain some perspective. 

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