Taking the Wheel: Planning and Organizing a Road Trip

June 1, 2020

Road trips. They’re something that features on many of our bucket lists, but relatively few people have ever gone on one! This is absolutely bizarre. If you have a car, you already have the main thing you need to take to the open road. All you need to do now is put a little planning and organisation in place! Sure, beach holidays may be appealing. Jetting away to sit on sandy shores or kick back on a sun lounger beside the pool is relaxing and enjoyable. But if you have more of a sense of adventure, a road trip can tick more of your boxes. You get full control over where you go and when. You can take diversions if you discover new things along the way. Plus, it’s a great bonding experience for whoever you decide to travel with! So, here are a few pieces of advice that can get your planning into action!

Decide Where You Want to Go
First and foremost, you need to decide where you want to go. The world is your oyster when you go on a road trip. You can stay relatively close to home. You can go further afield. You can take a day road trip. You can go for months on end, travelling between borders and even overseas if you can find the right ferry or tunnel to do the trick. So, sit down and look for locations that particularly appeal to you. Pinterest tends to be great for providing ideas and inspiration.

Decide When You Want to Go
Next, it’s time to consider when you want to go. Will you need time to save up? Will you need to organise time off work? Do you want to head away over a set period when weather is favourable? It’ll take a little focus to make sure all of these things come together.

Decide Who You Want to Travel With
Another important decision you’re going to have to make is going to be who you want to be your road trip buddy. You can go alone, but having some company is generally advised. Driving for long periods of time alone can quickly grow boring. Plus, if you have someone else who can drive with you, you can share driving responsibilities and get to places faster! Just make sure that your chosen person is a good driver, insured on your vehicle and that you know your options for filing a claim if anything does go wrong while they’re behind the wheel.

Pack Lightly
When the time comes to head away, you’re going to have to pack up your belongings that you’re taking with you. Now, when you road trip, you have a whole car. This means you can carry more than when you’re backpacking. But resist the temptation to fill your vehicle. Still only take what’s necessary and leave some room for some souvenirs!

Road trips really can be one of the most exciting and fun forms of travel. If you decide that this is a plan for you, the above advice should help you to get started on planning the perfect trip!

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