Live Your Best Life: From Plant-Based To Pilates

June 8, 2020

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

How well are you looking after yourself? Many of us have asked ourselves this question, especially during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Are we eating well, are we looking after our immune system, are we worrying too much about worrying too much? 

Changing your lifestyle and living your best life isn’t as hard as we might think. It’s about the small steps to make the giant leaps. Work through your biggest concerns and start to think about whether you could take action. Then ask yourself how. You need to set reasonable goals that have longevity. Too often we make massive changes, suddenly and this can lead to a burn out which then makes us feel defeated and could put our mental health at risk. 

Start with your diet. Perhaps you already eat a healthy and varied diet; however, there are ways you could make changes to increase your health and reduce your risk of certain diseases. The new buzz word in the diet industry is vegan, but you don’t have to throw away all your leather shoes to get involved with the dietary benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Opting for a whole-foods plant-based diet could help you reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Removing meat from your diet could also help you find more energy and avoid injuries. There is a myth that humans need to consume meat to reach their protein requirements. However, a plant-based diet can deliver all the protein we need. Look at cows; they eat a diet of grass and legumes, no meat in sight! They have large muscles and strong bones! If you want to try the plant-based diet, you could consider protein supplements until you understand what your body needs is an excellent resource for researching what is on the market. 

Exercise is another fundamental of a healthy lifestyle, but heading to the gym or running through the park isn’t everyone's idea of fun. There are some great low impact strengthening activities you can do, including pilates. Many elite athletes, such as dancers, do pilates as part of their training. It offers a whole-body strengthening and flexibility routine. It will improve your posture and muscle tone while increasing your balance and help with joint mobility. You will also find pilates is excellent for relieving anxiety and tension so it can have a significant benefit on your mental health too. 

Finding time for yourself is essential. If you aren’t happy, then your physical health can suffer. Depression can even shorten your life and lead to physical illness. Many of us overlook our mental health as we have such busy lifestyles. It’s easy to take some time out, even if it is just to read a book, have a hot bath or better still take part in a hobby, where you can focus only on one thing you love. You may also find talking to someone will help you to work out any serious concerns you have. 

Now is the time for you to start living your best life, so make some small changes and see big results in your health, happiness and future! 

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