Adopt or Skip Out on These DIY Wedding Trends

June 15, 2020

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A DIY wedding isn’t only a budget-stretcher; it’s also a way to have a wedding fit for you and your future spouse. While it’s okay to ditch an elaborate seating chart, other trends need to remain in place. Read on for what is safe to dismiss and what you shouldn’t forget.

DO Make a Budget

While it isn’t the most fun thing to do in the world, setting a wedding budget should be your No. 1 priority and the first move you make after telling your friends and family about your impending nuptials. Truthfully, you just can’t wing this one.
Skip the old-school paper spreadsheet and instead use .... for notes on the fly and guidance on what to do and when. This way, your budget, meetings, and reminders will be with you wherever you go and won’t get lost.

DON'T Skip Interviewing Vendors

Yes, it can be a money-saver to let your friends or family take photos, make the wedding cake, or handle one of the many other countless things involved in throwing a wedding. But what happens if your cousin drops the ball? Can you handle the emotional aftermath?
Skip the potential drama and hire a professional. Ask questions, request references from people you know and get product or food samples every chance you get. After all, vendors and catering soak up 40 percent of a wedding budget, so don’t jump into accepting just any vendor.

DO Commit to a Theme

With endless wedding magazines and websites to look over, deciding on your wedding needs can change on an hourly basis. At some point, though, you need to back away from the wedding inspiration timesuck (aka Pinterest) and commit to a theme.
Table décor, signs, and all the other little decorative accents are easy to complete on your own, as long as you don’t wait until the last minute. Get started early and recruit your bridesmaids for pizza, a movie, and crafting bonding time.

DON'T Feel Like You Need Wedding Favors

Gone are the days where expensive wedding favors ruled the day. In fact, many couples skip wedding favors entirely. For those who go this route, it’s all about personal, meaningful gifts that guests won’t leave behind “on accident.”
Wedding bags are a great idea for weddings involving loads of out-of-town guests. Think of adding edible items like local food, wine, or something reflecting your shared hobbies. It’s a thoughtful, unexpected, yet appreciated touch.

DO Send Thank You Cards

When you've returned home from your honeymoon — and it’s back to reality soon after — show everyone how much their presence and their presents meant to you both. Sure, thank you notes might be traditional, but they're an indispensable part of the wedding celebration and the best way to acknowledge and thank your guests.
In that vein, send out thank you cards to wrap up your wedding before you settle into newlywed status. For example, showcases indie artists and graphic designers who offer up customizable cards you can match to your wedding’s theme. Switch up the colors and style or add an image; it’s indeed a sweet send-off.

Plan Your Own Wedding

You don’t need a wedding planner to throw the wedding you’ve always wanted. Instead, consider your DIY wedding as a creative outlet, not an overwhelming burden. So, skip the impossible seating chart and decide if you want to bypass the wedding favors, but never forget to send out thank you cards.
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