How To Adventure Proof Your Health

June 6, 2020

Of all the adventures that we can have in our lives, exploring the world, finding new places, experiencing great things - one of the biggest journeys we can have is with our own bodies. Health is everything, as we soon tend to discover if it gets taken away. And keeping a healthy mind and body is what enables us to go on all the fantastic trips that we live for. Many of us take our wellness for granted while nothing is wrong, but really we should take a proactive approach to maintaining our health. So if you know you haven’t always done the right thing when it comes to looking after yourself, how can you make sure you do better in the future?

Reject Toxic Substances

People who fill their body with harmful chemicals - be it from smoking, drinking, taking unnecessarily prescription medication or even eating too much processed foods - are asking for trouble. Our body maintains a delicate balance, and adding in these toxic substances is a little like adding the wrong type of fuel to a car. It might run on alright for a while, but sooner or later, it's going to break down. One way to avoid this is consider a creatine supplement for women! Optimal health relies on cutting these things out of your life entirely, or taking a very moderate approach to consumption, providing that you don’t have an addictive personality. But also look at minimizing things like excessive sugar, which can be just as damaging for you. You’ll soon feel the beneficial effects once you get over the first week or so, and in the long term your health will be so much better off.

Make Regular Health Appointments
Many people take a ‘if it's not broken, don’t fix it’ approach to their bodies. They do the bare minimum and only seek professional support if a problem develops. But if you truly value your health, it's a better idea to keep on top of those appointments - get a physical exam once every six months, don’t skip check-ups with the dentist or the opticians, keep your physio appointments regular and even think about a hearing test - you can learn more about that before going along. Prevention is definitely better than cure, and health professionals can often spot and correct minor problems before they develop into more serious matters. 

Prioritize Sleep And Exercise

There are two cornerstones of good everyday health, and those are sleep and exercise. Making room for both in your life is hugely important. Ensure that you have good sleep hygiene and are getting seven hours a night of quality rest to feel fully recharged, and take at least 30 minutes of heart rate-raising activity each day. The trick is to find something you love and stick with it, whether that is a spin class, a game of tennis with a friend or even an at-home yoga routine. If you manage to gain control of your diet, your sleeping habits and your exercise then you have the keys to future proofing your health and making sure you have many more adventures to come. 

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