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Split Rock Falls // #ADK50FALLS Challenge // New Russia, New York

Caravan Sonnet
Happy Monday friends! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend!

Today I am excited to share with y'all a bit more about the #ADK50falls challenge and specifically about the Split Rock Falls, a waterfall that we visited several weeks ago.

If you are doing the challenge then I would highly suggest planning to see both Split Rock Falls and Rice's Falls (you can read about it HERE) at the same time as they were located somewhat close together. If you aren't familiar with the #ADK50falls challenge, you can read about the places that I have been going as part of the challenge HERE (I started last year) or read about the entire challenge HERE.  

Simply put there are 50 waterfalls that you hike and visit (5 require proof with photo that you were there) to complete the challenge. For those of you who love hiking and being outdoors this can be a great suggestion during this time with the COVID restrictions of hiking certain mountain trails. It also can show you unique parts of the Adirondacks that you may have never discovered. I definitely have been feeling that with the waterfalls that we have visited and explored the last several weeks and look forward to sharing more!

If you would like to know just basic facts about the falls please just scroll down to the bottom of the post where I will be sharing basic information to help those who want to know more specifics about each of the falls in the challenge.
Caravan Sonnet
Caravan Sonnet
Caravan Sonnet
Caravan Sonnet
Split Rock Falls, located in New Russia (Essex County) New York, is a beautiful waterfall located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains that flows from the Boquet River. 
Caravan Sonnet
Caravan Sonnet
Caravan Sonnet
The waterfalls are aptly named as this is a two-tiered, 30ft waterfall that is "split" by rock formations that are at the top of the waterfall.
Caravan Sonnet
The waterfalls (after they split) then flow into a single large pool of water and then spill over combined, creating a beautiful and magnificent waterfall. 

Split Rock Falls is a popular place for locals to visit in the warmer months of the summer for swimming and even those who are daring enough to jump off into the pools of water. One of the beautiful things about Split Rock Falls is that the water is incredibly clear and you can see the bottom, even at some of the deepest parts of the River.

After exploring around the top of the falls, we hiked around and made our way to the bottom of the falls.
Caravan Sonnet
Caravan Sonnet
Caravan Sonnet
Caravan Sonnet
Caravan Sonnet
It was a beautiful and easy hike to get down to the bottom and there was no one else around at this time of the year so we had the place to ourselves.
Caravan Sonnet
All throughout the hike down there were "baby" little waterfalls and it just made the adventure a little bit more beautiful!
Caravan Sonnet
Near the bottom of the falls there is a smaller set of waterfalls that can also be referred to as "Lower Split Rock Falls".
Caravan Sonnet
Caravan Sonnet
Caravan Sonnet
It was absolutely beautiful! It was definitely one of my favorite waterfalls that I have visited in the challenge!

If you are interested in reading more about each of the waterfalls - I recommend reading Adirondack Fifty Falls (click HERE to purchase) which lays out all of the falls in a concise and easy manner. It also groups the falls in the challenge by area so that you do not have to do that research! 
Caravan Sonnet
When I was extremely sick I used to grieve not being able to be outside in nature as much as I wanted to be and if this is where you are at due to health reasons I hope that the information I provide about each of the falls in this challenge will encourage you to explore as you are able.

6335 US 9, New Russia, NY 12964
Approximately 1 hour north of Lake George // 40 minutes east of Lake Placid

30 foot falls // tiered set



Dirt Pull off from Road

We spent about 2 hours at Split Rock exploring and hiking around the entire area and in that time there was about 10 people total that joined us. 

To see the top of the falls it is a short 20 feet from the pull-off parking area to a place to look out from the top... if you want to see from the middle (where the top picture was taken) or from the bottom of the falls you will hike down approximately 350 steps from the parking lot. 

Yes- No. The parking for this waterfall is a dirt pull off and is not wheelchair friendly... and the ground is very unstable. If you are able to walk short distances then this could be a "yes" from the top. To get to the bottom and back up may be difficult depending on your condition. 

Thank you so much for reading today friends! Please let me know if you have any questions about the challenge or the Split Rock Falls! I am happy to answer and can't wait to hear about your waterfall adventures! And again, if you would like to read about other #adk50falls that I have written about on the blog click HERE!

Have a wonderful day!