Proven Ways That Tech Can Make Your Life Easier

July 7, 2021

Technology has changed almost every part of human life for the better. Suddenly, you can lock your doors, monitor your home, and even turn on your home lights using a mobile app or voice commands. Technology has made life easier despite speculations of dangers associated with robotics, leading many to applaud its vast benefits. It is therefore essential to identify a few tech pieces dedicated to making life easier and safer. Here is how you can integrate tech to make your life much easier

Improve home security

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Thanks to smart technology, you can lock and unlock your doors from any location. This means you can automate and control your home lights without necessarily being at home. Should there be unwelcome entry or motion in the home, you can trigger an alarm via a few buttons to scare away intruders. Smartly secured homes can likewise notify you of any unexpected doors and window openings in your absence. According to statistics, 47% of millennials in the US own at least one smart device in their homes. The figure is expected to rise to 56% by 2023.

Smart speakers

Presently, over 60 million Americans own a smart speaker, rising from 47 million in 2018. As a device you can easily integrate into any part of your life, its popularity comes as no surprise. A smart speaker is almost the personal assistant you never had. It can help you create your shopping list, set alarms, and mark event dates on your calendar, all via voice. Aside from its many advantages, smart speakers can integrate with other products, which can be helpful, particularly for your health and lifestyle. For instance, smart speakers can integrate and make your hearing aids more functional.

Energy saving

What if you could control your air-conditioning, lighting systems, and other appliances in your home while away? For individuals on price plans based on the time of the day, you vary your settings to run in a period where power cost is lower. With innovative technology, you have more control over energy usage via several smart-home energy-saving techniques. An energy-saving report has suggested that homes built after 2000 use only 2% more power than older houses. Yet new homes are 30% larger. This is mainly because newer houses are more likely to be built with smart efficiencies in mind.

Check waste with used items

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Thanks to the internet, you can find almost everything you want. And the good news is, the majority of these products can be available either through rentals or purchases. This is an excellent money-saving tip, mainly when you think about the amount of waste you are saved from. Technology has offered so much use for almost everything from free manure on craigslist to finding used books and other items. According to a UN report, about one-third of world food is lost or somehow goes to waste. That is approximately 1.3 billion tonnes. Now you can imagine smart tech can improve this.

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