the moving diaries: week 4 update

July 3, 2021

Happy Saturday friends! As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I thought that for the next year it would be interesting and helpful to those that might be moving to document and share some behind the scenes things of our moving experience. Last week I shared our week three updates, and today I am looking forward to sharing some from this past week. If you are interested in reading more of the updates you can click on the links below: 
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This past week was so busy and once again it feels like we have crammed in several weeks worth of work into this one week. The weeks seem to go so slowly in some ways and then in other ways they seem to fly by with a ton of things that we are doing. 

This week held a lot of ups and downs in regards to this move and I would say we are again, just like last week, taking one day at a time. It was a crazy week of some BIG changes...and some we weren't expecting at all!

Monday morning started off very early with an appointment at the mechanic to have Proey's oil changed. I hadn't even made it out of our neighborhood before the brake light came on. As a side note the check engine light has been there for several months and we have been watching it (under the supervision of our mechanic). So when I dropped Proey off I also asked the garage to look at the brakes because we were preparing to leave for New York this week. 
After the drop off we did a quick stop at Whole Foods for a few last minute grocery items before heading back to the house to tackle a bunch of things on our to do list.
Monday was spent cleaning out, purging, and working on the final closets. 
Over the last two months we have been slowly going through these closets and items and cleaning out and really deciding about the items we want to keep with us and take with us, but it is amazing how many things you realize you don't really want as you prepare to move cross country. Mom and I have really purposed to keep only necessity items and treasured items and this has really helped us clean out in this process. 
After taking a break to drop off another load of items to the local charity, we came home to pack some more. This week the days have been long as we have been working for about 14-16 hours straight each day to finish up. 
Scamper ... "helping" or playing with the paper. Haha. You can see a video of the whole thing HERE on instagram! Haha!

Unfortunately we learned that Proey needed new brake pads and so those were replaced. We were so grateful to find this out before we took the drive to New York. I also had a conversation about how Proey's engine was going to need to be replaced sooner than expected and also the heat would need to be fixed along with getting snow tires as we move to New York. All of this was a bit overwhelming financially and as we drove back to the house I just kept praying and wondering if Proey might need to be traded in. 

On Tuesday morning I had another dental appointment so we quickly dropped off my mom's car at the mechanic and picked up mine before the appointment. While I was that the dentist we received the news that my mom's car was dying and would need thousands of dollars in repairs. None of this was a huge surprise (my parents bought the car and have had it for almost 20 years and it has more than 433,000 miles!), but we realized that it would be unsafe to drive it to New York.
We had been praying about what the next step for my mom should be for months and so we decided to go start the process of looking for a car for her. After the dental appointment we headed up to a Toyota dealership that we have a relationship with and it is truly a story for another time, but a miracle took place as my mom was able to trade in the blue car for a brand new 2021 Highlander at a very fair and unbelievable price that was just a miracle. The Highlander is safe and a great car for her and she decided to try the leasing process which is a new experience. (Any other leasers out there?) I am excited for her and so thankful for this safe car for her. 
While that was all going on I started talking to them about fixing Proey or trading in Proey. I didn't see any cars that were in my budget at this point but the trade in value that they were offering was much larger than other conversations of possibly selling Proey or trading it in somewhere else, so Proey is now on her way to a new home. I was so sad to say goodbye. A white Jeep Liberty (after a white Toyota Sequoia) is honestly my dream car... and so this was a very hard thing. Proey has been a gift this year... and I still have tears, but it was the wisest financial decision for me and I appreciate your prayers as I start the process of looking for a new (used) car in the next couple of months. 

We literally were there at the Toyota dealership till 9pm and drove home thankful for the Lord's provision for my mom and exhausted from the day. 

On Wednesday we continued packing and had several people stop by to pick up items that we were giving away, said goodbye to some neighbors and friends and just continued to take multiple runs to the dump and to the different charities. 
Unfortunately I hurt my knee on Tuesday and Wednesday I was having a difficult time walking which slowed down a lot of our plans. 

Also, we were waiting to hear from our realtor (again- sometimes it has been frustrating with no communication honestly) who was on vacation and we made the last minute decision to wait to move from Thursday till today (Saturday) so that we could finish up things and also wait to hear from our realtor.
Wednesday evening because I couldn't really walk I decided to spend time going through different items, including jewelry. Thankfully my knee started to feel better on Thursday!

Thursday morning a photographer came out to the house to take pictures and we continued to pack. We also ran a bunch of errands (yes... including the dump and different charities *smiles*)

Thursday evening we met with the people who are going to be living at the house for the next few weeks- they are trusted friends who have watched our home over the years and we are grateful for them! 

Yesterday we kept packing headed out to do a thousand little errands that we had to do around town and some appointments that we had. Of course, our day would not have been complete without another trip to the dump and a drop off at a local charity!

We were so grateful for another miracle that we encountered on this day. Our air conditioner had been (we thought) making lots of weird noises and so someone came out to check it out on this holiday weekend. Thankfully it turned out to not be our air conditioner at all, but our neighbors and we were so grateful that we did not have any issue!

At night we started packing up the car for the trip to New York and went to bed pretty exhausted at the end of this week.

As we close out this week both mom and I are feeling very tired, but grateful for all of your prayers in this process. Our goal is to leave TN today so that we can get up to New York to have time to find a place to live, settle in, and also have a break to recuperate from a long and difficult year of losing my grandmother and a ton of other changes and things behind the scenes before the start of my school year. We appreciate your support and love as we work to accomplish this!

We specifically ask again for prayer that the house would sell quickly for my mom, that the price it sells for would be a blessing to her beyond our expectations, for our energy and for our health in these busy and stressful days, and for the Lord's continued guidance and provision. Thank you so much for praying for us! I can't wait to share in a week more updates and progress! Some of you have asked about our realtor and honestly... I am not sure what to say... the lack of communication has really been frustrating and disappointing. At this point I don't see the house listed which is confusing and we do appreciate your prayers.

(PS- I well understand that we are not the only ones moving in the midst of a season of unexpectedness or in grief... or even those who are military families moving to a different country. My heart and prayers are with you if you are in one of these situations.)

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