the moving diaries: week 11 update

August 21, 2021

Happy Saturday friends! As I mentioned in June I thought that for the next year it would be interesting and helpful to those that might be moving to document and share some behind the scenes things of our moving experience. 

Today's update is going to be pretty brief. To be honest, we are a bit exhausted and as a friend recently so well termed something "worn thin". Moving is exhausting and if you have done it this summer, in the midst of grief, in the midst of a pandemic, etc. then my heart is with you. So in the weeks to come I look forward to updating more things specifically. 

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.This week I drive down to Albany on Monday for new teacher orientation and then will come back to the cabin for the rest of the week. School meetings start next Monday (the 30th) and then school officially starts on Tuesday, the 7th. 

This past week I had an infusion and I am recuperating from that right now. Mostly as I sit here healing and resting I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Infusions look a little different these days and my heart is overwhelmingly grateful. 

Grateful for the countless medical teams who have gotten me here. 

Grateful for the nurses who are kind, gentle, and caring and have taken care of "Courtney" all these years. 

Grateful for friends who spend hours of their work day talking through happy memories and laughing about everything and anything (and bringing happy ice *smiles*). 

And most of all grateful for the opportunity to be working on happy and colorful PowerPoints for this upcoming year after so many years of being told there was no hope for me being back in the classroom. 

So as this week concludes, I may be exhausted and worn thin, but mostly I am grateful. So incredibly grateful.

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