5 Habits To Drop During Pregnancy

August 4, 2021

So, you're pregnant. Congratulations! Every loving mother will admit that getting pregnant is one of the most beautiful experiences any woman would ever go through. From the moment you receive the great news to the first time you hear your baby cry, you can expect to be taken on a truly memorable journey. The most important thing is that you enjoy a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery. Besides the usual "stay away from drugs and alcohol," there are no strict dos and don'ts connected to pregnancy. 

In most cases, most women pretty much go on with their everyday lives. However, because your unborn baby's health and yours are of prime importance, you need to drop certain habits. So, are you expecting? Do you want to experience a safe and healthy delivery? Then it's time you let go of these habits. 

  1. Not finding ways to deal with the stress

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The pregnancy period can be a very stressful stage of your life, especially if this is your first time. Therefore, it is crucial to find ways to deal with it. From your mood swings and backaches to people working your last nerve, you can expect several triggers to drive your stress levels through the roof - not to mention the mere idea of labor freaking you out. 

If you are negative, moody, or pessimistic, then you might want to drop that! There are several things you can try to get rid of the negative energy. 

First, try to see the silver lining in every situation. In most cases, the thought of seeing your baby's face for the first time should make the whole process worth it. Second, make the process as fun as possible. Do some shopping for yourself and your little one. There are loads of great gifts for pregnant women worth checking out. You can also have some fun picking out the perfect name for your unborn baby - if you haven't done that already. Third, try taking on de-stressing activities like meditation, yoga, stretching, etc. 

  1. Being a couch potato

Understandably, you'll want to relax on your sofa and give in to your cravings. However, the last thing you want to be when pregnant is a couch potato. It's bad enough if you lived an inactive life before pregnancy, but you need to drop it asap. The labor process requires physical, mental, and emotional strength, especially if you're taking it on for the first time. So you need to get off that couch and get active. This isn't to say you should hit the gym daily and work out as your life depends on it. All you need to do is be active and exercise in the right way. The labor period requires you to have enough stamina, and you need to prepare your body for it. 

  1. Being a loner

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You're a loner, and that's understandable. But once you get pregnant, you need to make room for other people in your daily life, even if this is not the first time you're carrying a baby. You're going to need all the assistance you can get, especially during the latter stages of your pregnancy and delivery. If you live alone, then you need to create a support system. Start by taking notes of all the things you'll need help with. Next, reach out to your friends, family, and loved ones to find out how they can offer their support. If that option isn't available, you can search for groups, clubs, or organizations in your area devoted to assisting pregnant women and find out how you can sign up. 

You can also take classes or lessons designed for pregnant women. Doing this will help you connect with other pregnant women and give you all the support you need. That is especially important if you're single and pregnant for the first time. Some groups or organizations even offer in-home daily assistance, which will prove beneficial if you live alone. Even for a loner, being pregnant has a way of making you feel alone, especially when your mood starts bouncing all over the place. 

  1. Not eating healthy

A mother's nutrition impacts the health of the baby. You should know by now why you need to stay away from junk food or consume less, even when you're not expecting a baby. But there are other foods you might also want to avoid during this period. And this is particularly important, as you can expect your craving to target certain foods like target missiles. Here are some foods you might want to stay clear of. 

  • Raw or uncooked meat: Make sure you cook all your meat and poultry products thoroughly, with no trace of blood or pink in them. Also, be careful with foods like minced meat, sausages, pork, and even burgers. 

  • You might also want to avoid foods that contain too much vitamin A, as they can harm your body. Also, fish types that have high levels of mercury can be harmful to your baby, as they can affect the baby's nervous system.

  • Raw shellfish and prepackaged salads may also pose a high risk of listeria contamination. And if you're a sushi lover, the safest way to enjoy it is fully cooked or opt for a vegetarian variety. 

  1. Not getting enough sleep

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You may be used to not sleeping enough before your pregnancy, but you need to give yourself all the rest you need. Getting enough sleep is vital for preparing your body and mind, keeping you healthy, and helping you stay clear of stress. When you fail to get enough sleep, your body and mind quickly become exhausted, making more than enough room for stress to take over. If you struggle to get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep at night, find ways to grab enough sleep during the day. A quick 20-minute snooze time can do more for your mood than you can think. You can also try different sleep therapy methods to help you shut down at night. 

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