Unique Ways To Show Your Friends You Love Them

August 30, 2021

 In society, there is a lot of emphasis on romantic love. In all the films, there’s a romantic plotline. As you get older, everyone is always asking if you’ve met someone. There’s even a whole day dedicated to romantic love!

But there are all sorts of other forms of love. There’s family love, love for your pets, and love between friends. Despite what society might tell you, these loves are just as important as romantic love. 

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Friendship is one of the most beautiful forms of love of all time. Think about it: your friends love you, regardless of a legal agreement (like marriage) or bonds of blood (like family). They simply agree to love you and spend time with you because they enjoy your company and who you are as a person. What’s more beautiful than that?


So it’s integral that you show your friends you love and appreciate them. There are common ways to do this – telling them, spending time with them, or buying them a gift on their birthday. However, sometimes the best way to prove to someone that you love them is by doing something unique and unexpected. But what options are available to you?


Write them a letter 

It’s great to be open and communicative with your friends. Telling them regularly the impact they’ve had in your life is always a great thing to do. Now and then, though, it can’t hurt to go a little overboard.


By writing a heartfelt letter, confessing how much your friends mean to you, you are accomplishing two things. One: communicate your love to your friends. Two: giving them a physical object that they can come back to later and read again.


You can make your letter as complex or simple as you like; you could decorate it with stickers and drawings or leave it as a blank piece of paper.


Arrange a trip

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Friendships often bloom when you have shared experiences. Maybe you met in Grade Three English, and your school experience bonded you for life. As you grow up, it is often shared experiences that you reminisce on, like the time one of you got stuck in a bathroom, and the rest had to help them get out.


Creating new memories is easy and shows your friends you are invested in your relationship. This can be as dramatic or simple as you like and range depending on the cost and your requirements. It could be as easy as booking a meal out or as big as booking a trip abroad.


Help them out 

Everyone is going through something. At any given time, your friends are probably struggling with something. This could be big – like a divorce – or small – like struggling to keep on top of cleaning their house. Acknowledging their struggle, and offering to help them out, is a great way to show your friends you are thinking about them and that you care for them. Take inspiration from stories you see on the internet – like Passavant Memorial Homes, who went above and beyond for the community during Covid-19 – and find ways to help your own little community of friends.

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