Could A House Sitter Save Your House From 'Sitting Duck Syndrome' While You're Away?

August 27, 2021

 Even for those of us who love to travel, having a home base is essential for our well-being and ability to recover between trips. The trouble is that with property and belongings comes responsibility and, while you can technically leave your house unattended as you quench your wanderlust, the jury’s out on whether you would truly want to. 

After all, a surprising amount of burglaries happen when owners are on vacation, and returning to damp, dark properties after long-haul trips is never appealing. This is why, for many travel-loving homeowners, seeking house sitting either from friends or vetted professionals is a far preferable solution. To prove why you could benefit from doing the same, we’re going to consider the true benefits of house sitting while you’re abroad. 

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Cutting insurance costs

While insurance premiums and payments rarely get a look in when it comes to trip planning, they probably should. In fact, for regular travelers, especially, home insurance plans that typically become null and void if a property is empty for 30+ days should be a pressing concern. Of course, that’s not to say that you need to trawl through your insurance paperwork every time you try to embrace your adventurous side. It simply means that you should think about house sitters who, as well as protecting your property from vacation-induced burglaries, can also prevent your insurance plan from ever becoming obsolete or inactive. 

Keeping things running smoothly

Coming home from an amazing trip is hard enough, let alone when you return to a house that hasn’t had a lick of air or light in the time you’ve been away. Worse, unused and potentially dust-laden electricals and AC units mean that you could end up spending your entire first evening at home chasing down a 24 hour AC service or electrician who can address faults that occur when you finally do switch everything on. House sitters who live in and maintain your home can largely help to offset this risk, ensuring not only a clean, dust-free environment, but also a fresh, aired feeling for when you finally step back through the door. Take your time finding the ideal sitter, and you might even return home to the joys of a freshly baked cake and a pristine property!

Providing you with peace of mind

At the very least, concerns about whether we did enough to keep our homes safe and well during our time away can keep us up at night and prevent us from fully diving into the vacation waters. Luckily, house sitters can help here too, with many modern professionals, and even your friends or family, now equipped with smart phones that make it easier than ever to provide you with home updates, and even video calls that show you first-hand why you should ditch the worry and enjoy your trip in its entirety!

Admittedly, it can feel daunting to let someone else live in your space for the first time, but never let that stop you from making the most of these undeniable house-sitting benefits. 

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