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August 14, 2021

caravan sonnet
🏠Hello new home!🏠

Yesterday we picked up our keys to our new condo! We are SO grateful to have a place after so many months of searching! To explain a bit of background...when we decided to move to New York we searched for a house & subsequently for a rental. Due to the market we kept coming up with nothing or things that were COMPLETELY out of our price range or were more than an hour away from my job or didn't accept pets (poor scamper), or fell through for a variety of reasons! It was very very discouraging & day after day we were traveling or on the phone/internet for hours looking at places. In the midst of a long distance (out of state) move this was extra stressful.

In the middle of all of this we found an apartment that we felt would be a good fit. We were thrilled to be chosen after a lengthy application process & signed the lease site unseen as we only could see pictures online & a floor plan. Yesterday we drove down to pick up our keys & were able to see it for the first time. Y'all we stepped in & were near tears with gratitude.

Is it the cozy cottage we dream of having? No. 

Is it the perfect "dream home" that I see all over social media. No. 

Is it WAY different than our minds imagined for us right now with so much upheaval over the last decade? Yes. 

But is it a provision that is a gift and one we are humbly grateful for? Absolutely yes.

To us it is a space that is a gift & a welcome haven. As we stood & prayed over this condo & all who will enter we felt surrounded by grace & love.

Over the last two years I have re-read @robingunn beautiful book, "becoming us" at least 20 times. I love all of her books, but in my opinion this book was one of the best ones that Robin has ever written. I have taken away so many precious nuggets from the story, cried through it, have the main verse from the book as my classroom verse, & have gently been encouraged in a raw season of starting over. My tender heart walked away full yesterday as we start this new season that looks very different than we could have imagined a couple of years ago, but with a plan to plant all the sweet things here in this haven.❤

PS- If you would like to find the book that I mentioned, click HERE!

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