6 Health Benefits of Crosswords

August 26, 2021

 In the quest to live a healthier life, there isn’t much that we won’t try. But a surprising thing has been sitting under our noses all of this time, and it’s crosswords. So, sit back with your crossword book at the ready as we explain the reasons why they are good for you.

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Strengthens memory

If you are worried about your memory, you should sit down a daily jumble and work on your memory strength. Doing a daily challenge can help your brain to grow and protect your memory, and some studies have shown that regular brain activities can improve your memory by ten years. So every time you are sitting down with a crossword, whisper to yourself, “I’m making my brain younger”.

Helps fight disease

Mental decline in older people is a big concern and something that is being studied around the world. One thing that has become clear, daily mental activities are responsible for keeping mental diseases at bay. But it is not just a mental disease that it can prevent, the overall effect that it has on our bodies is amazing. This may be due to stress reduction and focusing on a problem outside of our bodies.

Improves your mood

Did you know that every time you sit down and do a crossword, you are helping to alleviate your anxiety? As it turns out, after sitting down with a crossword, your mood is elevated. And you don’t need to be in a bad mood to feel the effects. Anyone can benefit from this. The change of focus can help your subconscious to deal with whatever is bothering you while your brain is kept busy with some word games. 

Keeps your mind active

We all look for ways to keep our bodies active but keeping our minds active is another priority. Crosswords are a great way to help keep your mind active no matter what age you are. And if you think that you are not smart enough to do them, you can easily start off with children puzzles until you feel confident enough to tackle the New York Times Sunday Crossword.

Learn something new

If you struggle with crosswords and find that words often escape you, there is nothing wrong with having a quick Google. Why are we encouraging this? Because even if you don’t know the answer, the research to discover it can help you learn something new. And that is the entire point of a crossword, to keep your brain active. Plus, the trickier the crossword, the more research you will have to do.

Play with family

This may come as a shock but people rarely do crosswords by themselves. If you are sitting in your living room and your partner is sitting near you, you can ask them for help. It is something that is encouraged as it helps to create a better bond between people. So, don’t feel annoyed that you have to ask for help, you are getting your loved one’s brains ticking too and growing bonds with them.

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