4 Issues With Your Personal Tech And How To Solve Them

August 3, 2021

 When it comes to technology it can and will go wrong from time to time. For the price you pay you do expect it to live forever, this is of course not the case, and when your tech is having an off day you need to know how to handle it. 

You may be using your technology for work or to help the kids with their homework, whatever the reason it needs to be working and kept in tip-top condition. 

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Not Switching On 

Occasionally your piece of technology will fail to switch on, this could potentially be due to an issue with the charger or charging port. Check the power cord for any damage as this will mean it needs to be replaced straight away. If that is all fine you could check and see if the plug works in another socket, if this is the case then it is due to dodgy wiring in the original socket. 

If you own a mac that is not charging then you may have to run first aid to find out the problem. What is first aid for your mac I hear you ask? Well, it runs a check on your mac and identifies any problems that need fixing, hence the term first aid. Once it has identified a potential problem within your mac then it will go about to fix the problem for you before it becomes a bigger issue that could end up costing a lot of money to repair. 

Running Slowly 

Sometimes your technology can run slowly. It could just be feeling under the weather or there may be a more severe problem under the surface. You could start by running a virus check and checking your firewall is active. If the virus checks return and have found something then you will need to get rid of the affected files, simply delete them or uninstall them from your device and your problems should be solved. 

Another issue that can lead to your software running slowly is having too many files stored on your PC. You can either delete the files you no longer need or purchase an external hard drive to store the excess files on. 

Battery Run Downs 

If you are having trouble with the battery life of your product then you are not alone. It is one of the most common complaints from technology owners. It is rather common to hear ‘my battery just doesn’t last very long these days’. This can have a couple of causes, the first is too many apps are open draining your battery as they are being used and running in the background. Apps that run in the background are the worst as you don’t know they are doing it. 

You may also need a software update on your device if your battery is not holding. Go into the settings and check this then update if needed. 

We hope this guide helps you with your device troubleshooting. Remember if you are having technical difficulties then refer back to the user manual and see if there is any info in there, if that fails then have a quick online search, and don’t be afraid to use forums to gain more insight from other users. 

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