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March 20, 2024


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Happy Wednesday friends! Today I am excited to join in with a few ladies from bloggy world and talk all about what is in my grocery cart! I always think it is fun to read about what others are picking up at the grocery store and so if you blog- join on in and leave your link in the comments for others to read! 

I don't think that it is any secret around here that with the fight for my health food became something that was a key part of my treatment and continues to be something that I am very careful with to this day. Because I truly believe that food is medicine, I approach eating and things that I purchase at the grocery store in this way. I have written extensively on the blog here all about the different health benefits of different foods (click HERE to find lots and lots of posts from over a decade of writing)! So here we go! 
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One note that I should mention- I think that delivery services and grocery store pick ups are wonderful if that works for you and your lifestyle. There are all different seasons in life and during a particular caregiving season for me, these things were hugely helpful. At the same time though I love being able to go in and really pick out my own fruits and veggies and items - it is truly a gift after so many years being sick and not able to do that. So for me right now, I don't use those items, but I want to encourage you that if it will help you eat better and healthier- utilize those services. They can be a huge help! (And can be a great gift if you are looking for practical things to do for those who are dealing with a chronic illness or who are a caregiver of someone with a chronic illness.)

I also want to make the disclaimer that I think for me, living in a climate that has all four seasons things can change a bit depending on the season. In our area during the summer and early fall we still have a lot of farmers markets and don't find that as much during the winter and early spring (obviously!). *smiles* So during those summer and fall months we don't shop as much at the grocery store because we are shopping locally at our favorite farms. 

If you are looking for foods that can boost your immune system, check out my post, 17 Foods that Boost Your Immune System (HERE)!

*If you would like to read about the health benefits of some of the foods that I pick up weekly - simply click on the food name/link*
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Here is a typical weekly shopping list: 
(As you can see most of our items are fresh produce)
1. Spinach
2. Different greens/Microgreens (Kale, Arugula, etc.)
3. Scallions
4. Onions (Both Red Onions and Different Yellow/Sweet Onions)
5. Shallots
6. Garlic
7. Tomatoes
8. Peppers
9. Carrots 
10. Celery
11. Potatoes
12. Basil, Parsley, etc. 
13. Blueberries
14. Black Raspberries (during the summer - we freeze them and enjoy all year)
15. Blackberries
18. Lemons
19. Apples
20. Kiwi
21. Ginger
22. Squash
23. Avocados (Tips for use of avocados can be found HERE!)
24. Turnips
25. Rutabegas
26. Corn (Fresh during the Summer/Frozen During the Year)
27. Peas (Fresh During the Summer/Frozen During the Year)
28. Sprouts
29. Bananas
30. Gluten Free Pretzels
31. Gluten Free Brown Rice Crackers
32. Gluten Free Rice Cakes
34. Rice Noodles
35. Turkey (I am allergic to chicken so I eat turkey and my family eats chicken)
36. Chicken (for my family)
37. Goat Cheese
39. Gluten Free Flour
40. Cranberry Juice
41. Coconut Water
42. Applesauce
43. Almond Butter
44. Nut Mixture (Almonds, Walnuts, etc.)
45. Nuts for salad toppings 
46. Gluten Free Noodles
47. Corn Chips for Dipping in Guacamole
50. Gluten Free Bagels (Purchased from a Gfree Bakery in NYC)
51. Fish
52. Beans
53. Almond Milk

To save money we make a lot of soups that we freeze then to enjoy in the future. We use everything that we purchase from the store in all different ways. For example anytime we cook veggies we save all of that water to use as stock for veggie soups we make. This way we never need to purchase broth. All of the nutrients are amazing from this also! Then every few months we make a soup that will have multiple meals. For example this past weekend we made a yummy veggie soup that we then will have 25 dinners for!! For less than a $1 a meal it is such a blessing! 

So my one encouragement is to use everything you purchase and think of ways that you can use an item before it goes bad or if it will go bad. One final example of that is because of traveling for the blog sometimes we will be gone for a few days and we might not get to finishing the spinach we purchased. Instead of letting it go bad, we simply chop it up and freeze it and then put it in a future soup. It saves us money and we truly then are getting use out of every single thing we purchase! 

What about you? What is in your grocery carts?

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