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March 22, 2024


caravan sonnet

Happy Friday friends!! I hope that you have had a lovely week! Thank you so much for coming each day, reading, and interacting- this is such an incredibly sweet community that I do not take for granted! I am grateful for this sweet space to spend time with you each day! 

Well friends, this will be a quick Friday Faves as this weekend is my precious mama's birthday weekend!! We are going to celebrate and have such a great time! So I am off to celebrate today after work and only have a few favorite things to share from this past week... 

So I only have a few of my favorite things to share this past week but here they are... 
you are not alone in this
I am so excited to share that our Spring Sale is LIVE! This coming week we are sharing a whole NEW Spring collection so it is the perfect time to grab a KeyChain Junk Journal you have had your eye on from last years collection before it disappears! Click HERE to go directly to the shop!
caravan sonnet

I mentioned these dresses a couple of weeks ago and am still loving them and all the different colors! This is so cute! I also really loved it in this color...

And if you are looking for a cute and simple dress it comes in nearly thirty colors and is 1/2 off right now so it is under $30! Click HERE!
caravan sonnet passive income
If you are a teacher who is on Spring Break, about to go on Spring Break, or just finished Spring Break than it is also that time of year where you have to make the decision whether or not to re-sign your contract for another year. Do NOT make money the sole reason for whatever your decision is. 

I was reminded of this while I was gone on our cruise and vacation a couple of weeks ago. I had turned off notifications from my phone, was gone about 10 days, didn't do any work during that time on my passive income streams and came home to TONS of notifications of passive income that had been coming in the entire time I was gone. More than four figures and all I had done was go on vacation. 

Y'all. I can't talk about this enough. 

Passive income has truly changed my life... after more than a decade of blogging I can definitely say that if I would start my journey again I would invest in the education to learn truly what passive income is and how digital marketing can change your life. The education is simply worth it. And even if you are not a blogger, you can still invest in the education to learn and all you need is your phone that is the beauty of this. 

Each and every day I was amazed to see on my phone notifications of passive income coming in and I literally do not need to talk about it every single day or sell a program with upsells, MLMs or berating my family and friends to buy something, or anything. It is simply learning education and applying it.  Y'all if I can do this anyone can. 

Maybe you are not like me and you are doing just fine with your finances... that is amazing... but I have to believe in this economy that anyone can't use passive income to bring in additional income for their tribe and those around them if nothing else.

Don't wait any longer. Start March off with starting your journey in passive income. Read my FREE guide HERE or if you are a teacher, read my FREE GUIDE FOR TEACHERS HERE

What could passive income do for your life?? Start your journey today with the free guides! You are NOT going to regret this. What you will regret is not starting sooner. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out. This can be done from ANYWHERE in the world!!!
caravan sonnet
If you missed my post from this week on all of the health benefits of avocados you can find it HERE! It was amazing to learn all of the Benefits! You can find the post HERE!
Caravan Sonnet
Another post that was fun to write this week was what is in my grocery cart! It is always fun to read these on other blogs and I hope that you share in the comments what is in your grocery cart! Check it out HERE!
caravan sonnet - Disney Wish
With Caravan Sonnet turning eleven years old this year I thought it would be fun on Fridays to share some older posts from the blog! One of the things that Caravan Sonnet developed into was the key resource for those looking into cruising around the United States and World. Another thing was sharing the story of my fight for my life with my health crisis throughout my thirties. 

It is not often that you are told in your 30s that you only could have months to live or that there is no hope for your case. And because of this, I value every single day and treasure the beautiful blessing of another birthday. So this year, we celebrated big and it was such a beautiful blessing. If you are looking for other birthday posts that I have written over the years you can find just a few of them here: 
As I mentioned we just returned from a Disney Cruise and it is bringing ALL the feels because it was an AMAZING TRIP and one of the best times with my mom and sister! I can't wait to share about the Wish with y'all!

I hope that you have a wonderful Friday and weekend friends! Thank you for making this such an incredible space to come to and connect with every single day. I am so blessed!!

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  1. Aww! Happy birthday to your mama! I hope you all have a lovely time celebrating.
    That dress is so pretty, I love the colour too.