12 amazing benefits of red onions

January 27, 2022

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Every day I have been eating more and more red onions. I love adding them to different meals, on my salads, and in my recipes! I have been wanting them more and more recently so I decided to look up the benefits of this vegetable and I was amazed! Y'all I was so excited to share these 12 amazing benefits with you today!

Red onions are high in lots of health benefits and there have been incredible studies done on the power of this vegetable to pack an important health punch. The Greeks were known to prepare for the Olympics by feasting on onions while the Egyptians were recorded to bury onions with their pharaohs. One of the foods that the Pilgrims brought with them to America was onions. 

There are so many amazing benefits of red onions and today I am so excited to share with y'all just 12 of the powerful benefits that are found in this beautiful onion:

1. High in Quercetin
Red onions are known to to be high in one particular antioxidant called quercetin which helps protect our health in several ways. One study has shown that quercetin not only boosts the immune system but also fights inflammation.

2. Excellent Digestive Aid
Red onions contain fructooligosaccharides, which is substances that act as prebiotics. What this means is that they pass through the small intestine without digesting it but in the large intestine they will feed the healthy bacteria. 

3. Helps fight Cancer
Eating Red Onions may reduce your risk of cancer. Studies from Italian researches found that those who ate the most onions were the least likely to have cancer of the colon, throat, and ovaries. In another study, researchers found that men who ate red onions were the least likely to have prostate cancer. 

4. Helps Prevent Osteoporosis
Red onions may play a role in preventing osteoporosis. In one study researchers found that women who were near or past menopause had a significant red onion intake had greater bone density. 

5. Helps Control Blood Sugar
Eating red onions may help control blood sugar which is especially helpful for people diabetes. A research study with type 2 diabetes demonstrated that eating 3.5 ounces of raw red onion reduced blood sugar levels.

6. Source of Organosulfur Compounds
Red Onions are part of the family of organosulfur compounds which is a family of nutrients that are also present in garlic, leeks and other onions. These compounds help scrub your cells clean of cancer-causing free radicals and helps benefit heart health. 

7. Rich in Chromium
Red onions are a wonderful source of chromium. A recent study has shown that nearly 50% of the United States population is deficient in chromium which is a greater percentage than any other developed nation. Chromium deficiencies are known to lead to diabetes and heart disease.

8. Helps to Increase Good Oral Health
Red Onions are known to help prevent tooth decay and also help heal oral infections. According to this cosmetic dentist in Worcester, red onions contain antibacterial and antimicrobial compounds which help in preventing plaque and killing bacteria. One study has shown that eating raw onions for 2-3 minutes will kill all of the germs present in the mouth. 

9. May Help Treat Acne
Red onion juice mixed with olive oil has been said to help treat acne. 

10. Helps boost sex drive
Red Onions are said to help increase the urge for a healthy sex life. 

11. Helps Treat Urinary Infections
To help treat urinary infections some studies have shown that boiling red onions in water and then drinking the water can help heal urinary infections. 

12. Helpful for Earaches
Some research has shown that a few drops of red onion juice in the ear can help heal earaches. 

So many great things that research is showing that red onions can be beneficial for!

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