9 easy and effective ways to include avocados into your daily life

March 7, 2024

caravan sonnet- rebecca vandemark

Happy Thursday friends! Today I am excited to share some practical ways that I use avocados in my daily life and hope that they inspire you! These are thoughts and ideas that I have gathered from around the world and were such incredible concepts that I am so excited to share with you today!

First, if you missed my post all about the amazing health benefits of Avocados you can read that HERE! I highly recommend reading that first because it is simply amazing all of the health benefits that this berry offers! (Yes, Avocados are berries - and I share more interesting facts in the post also!) Again, start HERE to read that first!

Second, when a food has so many incredible health benefits, I always look for ways to incorporate that throughout my day in different ways. These uses for avocados are simple things that you can do that will bring you additional health benefits! Here are 9 simple ways to use avocados in your daily life beyond just eating them:

(1) Hair Conditioning
Avocado oil is beneficial for hair health and can be used as a natural conditioner to soften and hydrate dry, brittle hair. It helps repair damage, reduce frizz, and enhance shine, making it a popular ingredient in hair masks and treatments.
caravan sonnet- rebecca vandemark
One of my favorite combinations is a shampoo and conditioner set that I found on Amazon (and has more than 20,000 5 star reviews!). It combines the best of apple cider vinegar (which I have written about extensively on the blog - you can read more HERE!) as the shampoo and then avocado and coconut as the conditioner! It is a great set and is extremely affordable (less than $25!) Find it HERE!

(2) DIY Face Masks
Mashed avocado can be combined with other natural ingredients such as honey, yogurt, or oatmeal to create homemade face masks. These masks help nourish the skin, unclog pores, and improve overall complexion, leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth, and rejuvenated.
caravan sonnet- rebecca vandemark
Looking for superfood masks? Check out THIS 12 Pack Sheet that includes many different superfoods including an avocado mask! For less than $6 these are a steal! Click HERE!

(3) Natural Skincare/Soap
Avocado oil is beneficial for skin health and can be used as a natural oil to soften and hydrate dry, skin. It helps repair damage and enhance glow, making it a popular ingredient in many skin treatments.

Avocado oil is also a common ingredient in handmade soap recipes due to its moisturizing and nourishing properties. Avocado oil-based soaps are gentle on the skin and help maintain its natural moisture balance, making them suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
caravan sonnet- rebecca vandemark
You can find one of my favorite soaps (for less than $2!) HERE! Looking for one specifically for the men in your life? Dove puts out a soap specifically for men that includes avocado oil. You can find it HERE!

(4) Wood Polishing
Avocado oil can be used as a natural alternative to traditional wood polish. Its moisturizing properties help condition and protect wooden furniture, floors, and surfaces, leaving them with a rich, lustrous finish.

(5) Lip Balm
Avocado oil can be used to make homemade lip balms and lip glosses. Its emollient properties help hydrate and soften dry, chapped lips, while its rich texture provides a smooth, glossy finish.

You can find a lip balm that includes avocado oil HERE!

(6) Burn Relief
The cooling and moisturizing properties of avocado oil make it a soothing remedy for minor burns, sunburns, and insect bites. Applying avocado oil to affected areas helps alleviate discomfort, reduce inflammation, and promote healing. While I also use aloe for minor burns (I have an aloe plant but also love this aloe HERE), avocado oil has also quickly become a favorite. You can find a wonderful avocado oil HERE (and guess what? it is less than $6.00!!)

Another use for avocado oil is to use it as a massage oil. Avocado oil is an excellent base oil for massage blends due to its lightweight texture and skin-nourishing benefits. It glides smoothly over the skin, allowing for effortless massage while moisturizing and conditioning the skin.
caravan sonnet- rebecca vandemark
Again, find a wonderful and affordable avocado oil HERE!

(8)Natural Dye
If you are an artist who likes to use eco-friendly methods in your creations, than avocados can become your answer! Avocado pits can be boiled to extract a natural pink dye, which can be used to color fabrics, yarns, and other materials. This eco-friendly dyeing method produces soft, muted shades of pink and is popular among environmentally-conscious crafters and textile artists.

(9) Gardening
Y'all might remember doing this as a project in school (I know my mom used it as an Elementary teacher in her 3rd and 4th grade science classes) but you can grow your own avocado plant at home!

Avocado pits can be used to grow avocado plants at home. By suspending the pit over water with toothpicks, roots will sprout, and eventually, a new avocado tree will grow. This can be a fun and educational gardening project for children and adults alike!
caravan sonnet- rebecca vandemark
I hope that these 9 easy and effective ways to include avocados in your daily life have been helpful friends! What are ways that you include avocados in your life?

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