10 unique and incredible health benefits of black raspberries

July 27, 2023


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Happy Thursday friends! Today I am excited to share about the surprising and amazing benefits of black raspberries! If you missed my post yesterday (click HERE) you may have missed the fact that I expressed that I have a little love affair with black raspberries. 

As it is seemingly impossible to find them frozen, I take the time during the summer to pick and freeze them for the year and slowly count down to the next summer (my favorite time of year!) by the bag. *smiles* 

This is a fruit that is not often talked about and I started wondering and researching about all of the health benefits! I was amazed at the incredible studies that have been done on the power of this little fruit that packs such an important health punch. 

First a couple of things to know: 
1. Black Raspberries have an incredibly short season of availability. Depending on different factors of rain/heat it is most common for black raspberries to be only available from July 1st- July 21st. 
2. Black Raspberries are native to North America.
3. The nickname for black raspberries is "black cap". 
4. An historical fact for my history loving heart: The extremely dark pigment in black raspberries has been used as a coloring agent and the USDA stamp on meat was actually made with black raspberry dye for years.

Today I am so excited to share with y'all 10 surprising and Amazing Benefits of Eating black raspberries in no particular order:
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1. Research Shows Black Raspberries May Slow the Growth of Certain Cancers
Many studies are underway that are showing that black raspberries have an ability to slow the growth of certain cancers. In vitro studies are currently showing that extracts of this berry may slow or reverse the growth of breast, cervical, colon, oral and esophageal cancers. A few studies that are emerging are stating the following: 

* Ohio State University studies show a 60-80% reduction in colon tumors in rats who were fed a diet that included black raspberries. 
* Ohio State University studies show an 80% reduction in esophageal cancers in mice that were fed a 5-10% diet of black raspberries
* One study gave humans with colorectal cancer 60 grams of black raspberry powder daily for up to 9 weeks. After monitoring the results, it was shown to find that the powder stopped the spread and induced the death of colon cancer cells in those who took the powder for at least 10 days of the 9 week study.

2. High in Ellagic Acid
Black raspberries have high Ellagic acid, which is a compound that is known to be a potent anticarcinogen, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. 

3. One of the highest foods in Anthocyanins
Anthocyanins help give foods their deep, dark color and have been shown to have anti-inflammatory and vasoprotective properties. Research has linked the intake of anthocyanins with improved vision, cardiovascular health, memory retention in old age and even a reduced risk of hypertension.

4. Astonishingly High Antioxidant power
Recent testing has confirmed that black raspberries have astonishingly high antioxidant levels. These levels have a an incredible absorption to absorb free radicals which can damage DNA, cause cellular change, and cause premature mental aging. Consuming foods like this help prevent cancer, heart disease, stroke, and possibly even Alzheimer's Disease. When compared to other foods and berries, black raspberries high antioxidant power is one of the highest. 

5. High in Fiber
1 small cup of black raspberries serve nearly 29% of the recommended dose of fiber for your body which supports your digestive system, helps promote heart health, and may aid in weight loss!

6. Helps to Lower Inflammation
Black Raspberries are a food that you should consume regularly if you are looking to help your body reduce chronic inflammation. Black Raspberries naturally cause a reduction in inflammation and allow your body's processes to happen as they should.

7. Beneficial for Heart Health
Some studies have shown that properties in black raspberries may also help heart health. In these studies people taking black raspberry powder or extract (versus the group that took a placebo) saw a higher circulating level of endothelial progenitor cells. These cells are various cells that help repair and restore the lining of blood vessels. 

8. Helps to Regulate Blood Pressure
Potassium (found in Strawberries) is considered to help not only our hearts, but also can help regulate blood pressure! 

9. Helps Maintain a Healthy Blood Pressure
In studies that have been done, those that take dried black raspberry powder often have shown to be beneficial in reducing high blood pressure issues. 

10. Helps Maintain Healthy Eyes
Because black raspberries consist of a huge amount of anthocyanins (discussed above) they are a huge help to our eyes. Specifically the benefits include improved night vision, extra circulation through the capillaries of the retina, decreased chances of retinopathy in patients with diabetes, and a proven safeguard against macular degeneration!
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Additional Uses of Black Raspberries or Black Raspberry Powder From Around the World
*the following information was copied from a variety of sources on the internet*
* Black raspberry root tea was also part of the traditional pharmacopeia for treatment of hemorrhaging and hemophilia.
* Tea from the roots to treat stomach ache in Kiowa and Apache Indians.
Decoction of the roots has been used as a remedy for gonorrhea, diarrhea and dysentery.
*Root has been chewed in the treatment of coughs and toothache.
*An infusion of the roots has been used as a wash for sore eyes.
* Leaves are highly astringent.
* Decoction is used in the treatment of bowel complaints.
* Tea made from the leaves is administered as a wash for old and foul sores, ulcers and boils.

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What about you? Have you found any amazing benefits or helpful from consuming black raspberries? I would love to hear how you incorporate strawberries into your daily life!

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