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March 13, 2024


caravan sonnet
Happy Wednesday friends! This week I am focusing on talking more about the $7 course that truly changed my life and so today I wanted to share all the information about the course and see if y'all had any questions! If you would like to watch me talking about this you can find all the information HERE. 

So last September I shared that a $7 high ticket affiliate marketing course changed my life (you can read what I shared HERE!). Since then things have continued to grow and change more and more and have been absolutely amazing. I would never have imagined where things would be financially in such a short time. It is absolutely incredible. So today I wanted to share more about this minimal financial investment and all of the benefits that you can gain from this! I know so many people are interested but many do not know what the course actually is about and if they should invest into it. So today I wanted to take sometime and share a bit more! 

So I do talk about this a lot and how this was one of the first things that I started doing on my own passive income journey. Despite blogging and writing for nearly a decade on Caravan Sonnet, I didn't truly understand Passive income and what that is. I started off with the $7 course and it was an investment that changed my life. I at first believed that it was a scam (it is NOT) and couldn't believe the wealth of information that it provides for under $10!!

If you are like me and don't understand Passive Income and how it can change your life then please read on. So with the $7 course you get a 15 day Business Builder Course that talks all about High Affiliate Marketing. While I had done affiliate marketing, I hadn't done High Ticket Affiliate Marketing and this course introduced this concept to me. And this is where the difference is in with seeing financial results come from. So if you don't know what affiliate marketing is, it is where you get a link from a company/store and then you share it with people you know or your following and then when they click on that link you receive a percentage of the profits when it sells. (It is absolutely NO extra charge to the purchaser).

The percentage can range - some times it is very small or very large. So you are marketing the product literally. In the class they go through so many amazing videos and tips. From Day 1 I learned so many things that I didn't know. I literally didn't know how to do it correctly. The $7 course walked me through it and I learned how to do it correctly. 

Another thing that was amazing and priceless in the course is that you get to meet with a business coach and while it is no longer required, I can't recommend it enough. It was so helpful and changed the whole trajectory of Caravan Sonnet. If you are just beginning or if you are having the same questions I did, this will be an invaluable and priceless option. 

As you finish the rest of the days, you will get additional education, learn about high income skills, and also have so many resources at your fingertips. All of the information that I learned in the course I applied to what I am doing now.

If you are wanting to know more about what you are spending $7 on I hope that that this has been hugely helpful for you. I hear that there are a lot of complaints or that it is a scam. But it is not- you are paying for education on how to build a passive income journey for you. Whether you want to just learn more or are interested in affiliate marketing, this is the perfect course for you. 

Click on the link HERE to start your journey today!

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