17 Foods To Boost Your Immune System

August 20, 2015

It is so hard for me to believe that the summer days are quickly coming to an end. For my sweet southern friends school started last week and around other areas of the United States students are frantically trying to enjoy their last few days of summer fun before the school bells chime. 

With the start of school and fall "around the corner" I wanted to share with y'all 17 foods that will help boost your immune system as we head back into the school year. (Concerned about colds and the flu already? Check out these 21 tips to prevent colds and the flu!) This list contains foods that go beyond the typical orange juice and chicken noodle soup ideas. These foods will help you boost your immune system all year long! So in no particular order here are the 17 foods to boost your immune system:

(1) Fish. Fish are loaded with Omega-3's which are excellent for your immune system.

(2)Red Bell Pepper. Y'all, I was SHOCKED to learn that red bell peppers have almost THREE times the amount of Vitamin C than an orange! Move on over orange juice and hello yummy red bell peppers! 

(3) Oysters . Oysters are filled with yummy zinc that is helpful for fighting off infections. Allergic to shellfish? Try Pumpkin Seeds which are also packed with zinc.

(4) Hello Tea, Goodbye Coffee:  Harvard University did a study that showed that tea drinkers immune cells are FIVE times stronger than those that drink coffee only. So either add tea (green, black, or white to be specific) to your diet or say goodbye to the coffee. 

(5) Yogurt: Probiotics have been linked to a strong immune system so start taking them regularly or start eating some yogurt! 

(6) Garlic. It has been known to kill bacteria in the body!

(7) Broccoli: Some studies have shown that this helps regulate your immune cells. 

(8) Goat cheeseGoat Cheese contains copper, which helps keep your immune system working. 

(9) Blueberries:  All berries are good for you, but blueberries have the highest levels of disease-fighting antioxidants of all commonly consumed fruit, according to research from the USDA Agriculture Research Service in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

(10) Mushrooms: Research suggests that mushrooms may have antiviral and antibacterial properties. While there are tons of different kinds "button mushrooms" are known to have the most Vitamin D.

(11) Anise seeds:  These seeds are known to have antibacterial properties and also have been known to help with the upper respiratory tract.

(12) Fennel. Fennel is known to help clear chest congestion and sooth a cough. While it can be eaten raw, some studies have shown that drinking it as a tea helps the most!

(13) Basil. There are so many amazing benefits to adding basil to your diet! You can read my blog post on all of the amazing benefits of basil by clicking HERE

(14) Leafy Greens. These are loaded with so many health benefits. Remember the post that I did on the benefits of eating Kale? These leafy greens are PACKED with lots of nutrients! 

(15) Dark ChocolatePure cocoa contains more of the disease-fighting antioxidants known as polyphenols than most berries and it's loaded with zinc, also! Check out more benefits of Dark Chocolate HERE

(16) Brazil Nuts. These nuts are filled with protein and selenium that helps maintain a healthy immune system. 

(17) Apples. Y'all there are so many amazing health benefits to apples! You can read my blog post on the amazing benefits of apples by clicking HERE

Isn't it amazing how much food can help boost your immune system? What is your favorite food to help you stay healthy?

{Disclaimer: The information included on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. The reader should always consult his or her health care provider to determine the appropriateness of the information for their own situation or if they have any questions regarding a medical condition or treatment plan. Reading the information on this website does not create a physician-patient relationship.}


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    1. Aww thank you Nina!! That is so sweet!! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day!!
      Rebecca :)

  2. All great!!! I would just add in to only eat wild caught fish (farm raised are raise in sewers ewwww) and full fat grass fed dairy!! I love this list! Pinning now!

    1. I totally agree with you about watching certain fish friend! There are so many dangers with different fish as some have TONS of mercury! Thanks so much for pointing this out!! I didn't think to add the dairy because I am allergic but what a great tip for those that can eat this! Thanks so much for sharing!!
      Rebecca :)