home from our trip to florida and our amazing disney cruise

March 6, 2024


caravan sonnet
Happy Wednesday friends! We arrived home from our amazing trip to Florida and our Disney cruise last night exhausted and full of the most precious memories! Our time in Florida and our cruise was absolutely a dream in every single way. The picture above is from sitting on our verandah basking in the amazing beauty of Castaway Cay... it was just the sweetest and best time! 

It was such an amazing gift (my sister gifted this cruise as a birthday present) and it was just incredible. I am excited to recap more in the coming days! 

For those who are connected on social media I will be posting pictures over there also - I just was fully present in the moment and creating so many special memories that I didn't even post anything! I know y'all understand!

I hope you had a wonderful week and your week is going well! 

Happy Wednesday!

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