review of park 2 fly at laguardia airport // queens, new york

March 26, 2024


caravan sonnet
picture not the property of Caravan Sonnet, found on the Park2Fly website

Happy Tuesday friends! Today I am excited to start sharing about our amazing trip and cruise a couple of weeks ago with my sister! As we were flying out to Florida I found some cheap tickets out of LaGuardia that were the best price (even with a hotel stay, gas, parking, etc.) and it worked out really well to coincide with a few doctors appointments in the city. 

One of the major things though was finding parking that was affordable and let me tell y'all it was difficult to find. As a point of reference the airport parking (even with paid parking ahead) can be as much as $40 or more dollars a day (depending on which lot you are in). This was just crazy and would have made our tickets not as cheap and so I started to look around at what other options there could be. I came across Park2Fly and immediately loved the price and decided to give it a try. 

Y'all. This was the best decision ever. Booking online was easy and you prepay a certain amount down and then you pay the remainder on the day of dropping off the car. 

caravan sonnet

Dropping off the car was incredibly easy too. It took me less than 10 minutes (with traffic) to go from dropping my mom off at the airport to go to Park2Fly. After showing up, I parked my car, grabbed my items, and waited for the shuttle which arrived less than 10 minutes after I arrived. 

We headed back to the airport and I was given instructions and a card on how and when to call for a pickup which I did. Waiting for the shuttle on the way back was a bit longer (about 15 minutes) but it wasn't bad and when we arrived our car was already waiting. 

Overall it was a great experience and one we definitely plan to use again! This is not a sponsored review in anyway but I hope it is helpful for anyone looking to park at LaGuardia!

Let me know if you have any questions! Happy Tuesday!

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