Why Travel is Good For Your Health

January 16, 2020

Travel is never a waste of time or money, so if you get the chance to get out there and visit new places- always go for it if you can! Here are some great reasons to grab that opportunity.

Helps you to relax
As adults, we’re all very good at being busy. We write to- do lists, and then fill our days getting things ticked off them, we rush around from place to place, and can barely sit down for five minutes without feeling guilty that we should be doing something else. Life is busy and we all have things we need to get done, but relaxation isn’t just a luxury. It’s an absolute necessity to a happy and healthy life. If you struggle to switch off and unwind day to day, travelling and going on holiday can be fantastic as you’re in new surroundings. You’re essentially assigned time to relax and have fun, with no need to have thoughts in the back of your mind about how you’ve not got certain things done on your list or around the house. Relaxation helps to lower blood pressure, relax tense muscles and increase feelings of wellbeing. 

Breaks mundane routine
Routine is important, it allows us to get things done in an efficient and effective way. But it can be so boring, and breaking this mundane routine from time to time can be really freeing. Spending a week or two in a new place, doing different things and away from the hassles of everyday life can mean you return feeling fresh and revitalised. 

Allows you to learn new things
As humans we’re curious creatures and tend to be at our happiest when we’re learning new things. Travel allows you to learn about all kinds of new things from culture to food to history to geography and much more. You learn in a fun way and it can give your mental health a real boost. Visit museums and religious buildings, try the local food, book tours and visit places off the beaten path. They’re all ways you can get the most out of your experience. 

Gets you outdoors
Spending time outdoors is good for the body and good for the mind. You might not get outside as much as you should when you’re back home, so travelling gets you out into the air and more than likely doing a lot of walking and moving around too. Exercise is considered a fantastic way to reduce the risk of certain kinds of cancers and even as part of breast cancer treatment, it reduces the chance of osteoporosis later in life, keeps weight down and generally makes you happy. So anything you can do that gets you outside and enjoying the fresh air is a good thing., 

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