Common Causes Of Travel Stress & What You Can Do To Combat Them

January 13, 2020

Many of us pass the time by dreaming of traveling. We picture the amazing sights we would see, the friendly people we would meet, and the delicious food we would taste. Although exploring the world offers unlimited fun, the benefits go far beyond just that. Going on vacation will relieve stress too, allowing you an opportunity to escape the worries of daily life. Despite this positive impact, travel does take a toll, draining your mind and body, which leaves you burnt out. To better enjoy your next adventure, here are ten causes of travel stress and how you can combat them. 

Planning The Break Away
The stress that travel can bring typically begins the moment you decide to go away. Planning a vacation is no small or simple task, after all. This is especially true when traveling with a large group. There are many elements you must organize, including flights, accommodation, and insurance. Forgetting even one of these essentials could completely derail your break away. Creating a checklist of jobs or working with a travel agent will make the task much easier. 

Being Scared Of Flying
Air travel is a common fear, even among avid travelers. Luckily, there are many ways to make flying a less stressful experience. Traveling in comfortable clothes will allow you to relax, while books, games, and movies provide a much-needed distraction from your fears. Some people choose to take medication too. If none of these options work, you can always change your mode of transportation. Trains, boats, and cars, while not as quick, don’t fly through the air. 

Missing That Final Call
While some people find flying terrifying, the thought of missing a flight is scarier. Regardless of whether you’re jetting off or returning home, arriving at an already closed gate can ruin your vacation. Not only will this mistake cause unnecessary worry, but there might be additional costs to pay too. To avoid missing your flight, aim to arrive at the airport in plenty of time. Some people even stay at hotels near the airport so that traffic and other delays don’t cause trouble. 

Packing For The Trip
There is only so much luggage one person can take on vacation with them. Although you could purchase extra baggage, this can make your trip a much more expensive one. Plus, dragging several suitcases around with you isn’t exactly enjoyable. For this reason, you must make better use of whatever luggage space you already have. Before you start packing, write a list of things you need to take away with you. Writing down the essentials will show how little you really need. 

Covering Those Travel Costs
Traveling the world isn’t a cheap hobby. There are always costs to cover, no matter where you go or how long you go away for. This can cause financial troubles that cast a shadow over your trip. Thankfully, there are many ways to make money while traveling. If you have a role in health care or education, you’ll find that there are always jobs available to you. There are countless ideas for lowering the cost of traveling too, such as going away during the off-peak season. 

Navigating A New Place
The first few days in your vacation destination can certainly be difficult. Exploring a new city might be exciting, but it’s also quite scary. Getting lost in an unfamiliar area is especially nerve-wracking. Rather than allow yourself to panic, you should prepare for the adventure. Make sure you carry the address of your hotel with you and keep your phone charged up. If you arrive at your destination in the evening, you should consider booking an airport transfer to pick you up. 

Putting Yourself In Danger
Many travelers worry about their safety when going abroad, especially solo travelers. Thankfully, despite what numerous horror films would suggest, wandering the streets in other countries is rarely more dangerous than doing the same in your own home town. Just make sure that you don’t put yourself in any unnecessary danger. Always avoid going out after dark and watch how much you drink if you do. Knowing the basics of self-defense wouldn’t do you any harm either. 

Losing Any Important Things
Although it might offer some peace of mind, you can’t leave all of your valuables behind when traveling. Even if you don’t pack any expensive jewelry or flashy technology, you still have cash, phones, and passports to worry about, among other essentials. If you were to misplace any of these items, especially your passport, it could cause big problems. That is why you should purchase travel insurance to cover the cost of certain things and keep copies of any documents.

Traveling As A Group
Traveling solo might be a daunting prospect, but it offers benefits that other vacations don’t. Planning a break for one person is much easier than planning a group trip because you don’t have other people’s needs and expectations to consider. Rather than carry out the planning process alone, you should ask your travel companions to lend a hand. Tackling certain tasks and making some of their own decisions will make planning your group vacation a more straightforward mission. 

Worrying About Back Home
Even while exploring somewhere new, some people have trouble letting go of the concerns that plague their home-life. Travelers often worry about their plants being watered, their pets being fed, and the security of their homes. Although these are common concerns, you shouldn’t allow them to ruin your break. A simple solution is to ask someone you trust to take care of these things while you’re away. You could easily hire a house sitter or ask a friend to stay over. 

If you have a pet waiting for you back home then hopefully you arranged proper care for them before you jetted off on your vacation. There are plenty of options for your pet to be looked after, it is all about finding the option that works for you. You may have someone house and pet sitting, a close friend or someone from an agency. If this is the case then you should be able to message them and ask for an update on how everything is going. If you didn’t want to let a stranger into your home then you may have chosen a dog boarding place to watch over your beloved pooch while you are away. A good boarding kennel will give you regular updates and maybe even pictures of the fun your dog is having while you are away. 

Going on vacation is an opportunity to escape the daily stresses that plague us. Unfortunately, travel comes with various worries of its own. Money, safety, and flying are just a few examples of concerns that even frequent travelers typically possess. While you can’t eliminate these concerns completely, you can combat them with the helpful advice above. 

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