Travel Costs Incurred By Travelling In Europe

January 7, 2020

Within the EU zone, we may find that it is free to travel without visas and we can enjoy a pleasant and easy going trip, but there are certain laws that have now come into play that mean that you may have to save up a little extra spending money especially if you’re looking to hire a car. With the focus on global warming and protecting our planet, there are often charges for crossing into certain towns with your car depending upon the type of car or sometimes just a standard charge for the privilege of using your car. It is certainly not a new concept, this is also the case in London. If you are traveling to London, your car will be captured on camera entering and leaving the city and the duration and you will be billed accordingly. This shouldn’t stop us from travelling, but it means that it is vital to be more aware of where you may need certain permits and money to cross, especially if you’re planning on taking a long journey across Europe in your car. 
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However, abroad you may also find that this is the case too. So, by using this Dutch site you can find out the certain green zones and different zone access where you may need to pay or have some kind of permit to enter. This is mostly due to the emissions caused by cars and the need and desire to try and cut down on the emissions and air pollution in certain areas; especially if they are more suburban areas and that have people living in the area. Certain major cities may also penalise you, here is a list of some of the cities that have a similar rule:

1. Tirol, Austria
2. Palermo, Italy
3. Barcelona, Spain
4. London, UK
5. Helsinki, Finland

You can look at lots of websites to assist you with which countries are likely to have low emission zones, but there is at least one or two per country and this may include fees and regulations. Ensure that you always drive and travel with the relevant documents you need such as passports, visas and any other paperwork to avoid penalties and issues with traffic police. 

Another thing to look out for it of course tolls when crossing into urban areas, or new states or regions. This is usually a relatively low fee but if credit cards or debit cards are not accepted for whatever reason, you will have to ensure that you have cash on you, and enough cash for you to continue your journey. Make sure you have the right amount of money on you before you leave to avoid any unpleasant circumstances. There is plenty to explore in Europe and there is nothing to stop you from enjoying a pleasant and enjoyable experience driving through the cities. If you are not driving in your own car, check with any tour operators or coaches that you do not have to pay any costs upfront or on the day to travel through certain zones. 

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