Stepping Into Spring: Looking Forward To The Warmer Months

January 21, 2020

Spring will soon be upon us. The warmer months, the fresh air, the lighter nights, they are all things to look forward to. Many of us can feel a little foggy form winter. Too used to covering up to keep warm, dry skin because of the weather, and not needing to do too much personal maintenance. However, as we approach the spring, now is a good time to start preparing and getting organised for the next few months ahead. With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can step into spring and start to feel your best. 

Give your nails and toes some love
Now that spring is on its way, you may find that you are more inclined to get your toes out in some new sandals. This is when you might need to give yourself a pedicure so that your feet can get some love. They will have been cooped up in socks and boots for some time. While you are at it, you might want to think about having a manicure as well. It is a great way to feel fresh for the spring wardrobe and clothing choices you are wanting to make. 

Change your hair
If you really want to feel a little different this spring, then why not take the opportunity to do something completely unique like changing your hairstyle. Many people sue a season change to try a shorter haircut or try new things like hair extensions. Another change that people consider are things like a hair colour change. Spring is a great time to try new things and the change can give you a real surge of confidence.

Get organised with appointments 
Spring often means that you start to focus more on your health and well being, so it may be the perfect time to start thinking about what appointments might be overdue for you. It could be that you start to look at booking in for eye tests, so that you can invest in some trendy round glasses from this list or even prescription sunglasses. Maybe you want to get checked out some health niggles that have been worrying you. Now is the time with a new year to feel fresh motivation to get these things booked and ticked off the list. 

Embrace the fresh air 
With the change in season we also get the change in weather, which means you can start to embrace the fresh air and nicer days by heading outside and enjoying it. It might be as simple as taking a walk, or it could be a perfect opportunity to start a new regime and exercise. Many people love the idea of taking up new hobbies in the spring and this could include things like running. 

Revamp your wardrobe with some new spring styles
Finally, spring is now the time to make some drastic changes to your wardrobe. You may have been really stuck in the rut of wearing skinny jeans and oversized jumpers, but now is the time to embrace the new spring trends. It could be that you want to wear more maxi dresses and skirts, or try out new colours and patterns with your outfit choices. A great way to do this is to embrace a capsule wardrobe. It enables you to be more creative with your outfits without having to spend too much on new items of clothing. 

I hope that some of these options will help you step into spring and feel your best. 

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