Don't Let Chronic Illness Keep Travel Excursions Off Your Cards

January 21, 2020

There are no two ways around it; traveling with a chronic illness can be tough. While nothing should stop you from getting out and enjoying the countries you want to, high levels of pain and unavoidable exhaustion are guaranteed to make themselves known. And, for this reason alone, you may be hesitant to undertake excursions while you’re away.

Surely it’s better to stick by the pool, where you know you can head to your room if you need to? Rather that than find yourself experiencing a flare-up when you’re miles away in an unfamiliar country, right? Wrong! 

In reality, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy excursions as much as anyone else. Simply plan each trip outing with these crucial chronic illness considerations in mind. 

Guided tours over solo exploration
Hitting the streets alone with little more than a map might seem fun, but it’s asking for trouble. We expend enormous amounts of energy on blind exploration, not to mention that a hasty retreat becomes pretty impossible in this instance. By comparison, guided tours offer fantastic benefits of ease and guaranteed transportation. Forget making your way into town, tackling buses, and having to switch halfway. A guided tour will likely pick you up at your hotel and drop you back there. Plus, the tour guide will do all the hard work of finding the best places and providing any critical information, leaving you to sit back and enjoy those sights without letting chronic illness get in the way!

Activities that don’t drain you completely
Getting stuck into activities while you’re away is always fantastic, chronic illness or not, but a hike up a mountain with no end in sight may not be best for keeping energy levels high throughout your trip. Instead, look for activities that don’t drain you. Mountains aren’t off your cards by any means, but seek options with a cable car should you need it. Equally, scrap high-energy games like football for gentler options such as fishing. By stocking up from Tailored Tackle before you head off and booking the best locations, this could see you getting stuck right in and still having the option to take a step back when you need to. It might seem frustrating looking for this balance, but it ensures you’re fully able to enjoy activities, and the rest of your trip, without worry. 

Recovery days between outings
You may feel you’ve got a point to prove on this trip, but pushing yourself every day of your stay is only going to leave you suffering, and ultimately unable to enjoy the experience. As such, it’s also vital that you plan excursions around rest days. One day on and one day off can work well here, as it ensures you never push your body too far during any period of your trip. This guarantees you’ll be fresh and raring to go when those excursions days do roll around. And, let’s face it; the idea of in-between days by the pool isn’t too bad either!

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