Parenting 101: 10 Things That Children Actually NEED

January 21, 2020

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 Let’s face it; the modern encourages us to believe that kids can only be happy if we give them the world and more. In turn, it can make you feel pretty rubbish when you don’t have the resources to match the fake lifestyles seen on social media. In truth, you’re already doing a great job. 

However, it’s never a bad idea to focus your attention on the right features. Focus on these 10 things that your child actually needs, and you won’t go far wrong. 

1| A Happy Home 
Home is where the heart is, and your child deserves to live in an environment in which they feel loved. 

This does not mean that you need to live in a mansion, but your home should be comfortable. Your child deserves a place that they can call their own, even when sharing their bedroom with a sibling. It’s important to prioritize cleanliness, heating, and the fundamentals. Luxuries are optional. 

Adding a little personality through photos and showcasing their artwork can have a positive influence too. 

2| Their Health 
Millions of children suffer from health conditions and illnesses. While you can’t prevent all issues, you must support them through it. 

Every child deserves access to essential health checks and treatments. Finding a Medicaid dentist allows your son or daughter to access the best dental care. Eye doctors, audiologists, and doctor surgeries should be on the list too. Early identification helps manage problems. 

Children are resilient, but they still require support to overcome conditions. Don’t forget it. 
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3| Good Nutrition 
Growing bodies need energy to grow. Without the right nutrition, a series of physical issues can develop while energy levels will suffer too. 

Ensuring that your child has access to enough food is a great starting point. However, the focus should be on a healthy and balanced diet. When their bodies are fuelled with the right stuff, the results are telling. Moreover, it can prevent the development of diabetes and other issues. 

Some children have intolerance and allergies, though. If you spot suggestions that this is the case, get them checked. 

4| An Education 
Education is the key to opening the door to a brighter future. Not every child will be destined for academic excellence, but they all deserve a chance. 

There are many aspects to consider when making a school admissions application. However, getting your child into the best school possible provides the opportunity to develop key skills and a love of learning. It may be the first step to unlocking their dream future too. 

Certain situations may dictate that homeschooling is the best approach to take. If this is the case, just be sure that your knowledge is up to scratch. 

5| A Hobby 
Developing a passion for an activity has many benefits. From discovering who they are as a person to mental health rewards, every parent should want their kids to see those rewards. 

Hobbies can range from playing sports to learning a musical instrument. Artistic endeavors, writing, or collecting items are all good options too. Many of the hobbies can be completed either alone, with friends, or in extracurricular classes. 

Kids may drop one hobby for another from time to time, which is fine. As long as they have an activity that stimulates a love for life, all is well. 
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6| Magical Moments 
Childhood is supposed to provide some of the happiest moments in our lives. You should go the extra mile to provide them. 

Vacations are a natural starting point, and you needn’t travel the world to enjoy special memories. There are plenty of adventures to be had in Lancaster, PA, as well as other parts of the country. Experiencing attractions with loved ones will give children the magical memories they need. 

Childhood flies by, especially for parents. Therefore, squeezing happy memories into those years is crucial. 

7| Security 
Every child deserves to feel safe. This should start in the home but extend to all other aspects of their existence. 

This is one of many reasons to upgrade your home security. More importantly, you must provide an emotionally stable environment for your child. In today’s climate, shielding your child from online threats is another important feature. After all, their young minds are at risk of influence. 

Any child left to feel unsafe or insecure will experience restricted happiness. Do not let this become an issue. 

8| Friends 
Human interaction is at the heart of all happiness. While a supportive family is vital, kids need strong relationships with other children too. 

As a parent, spotting signs that your child is struggling to fit in at school is vital. You can help them work on communication or finding common ground. Alternatively, you could look to help them find friends in another setting, such as a local sports club. 

Some kids naturally make lots of friends. Others need a little push in the right direction. Either way, avoiding potential loneliness at a young age is hugely beneficial. 
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9| Presentable Appearances 
All children are naturally beautiful. However, they still require your support to look presentable at all times. Otherwise, they could suffer from bullying or self-consciousness. 

Your child doesn’t need to wear the best brands. However, they deserve clean and well-fitted clothes. Meanwhile, a winning hairstyle can work wonders. Finding a child-friendly salon should be high on the agenda. High-quality footwear is another priority. 

Supporting your son or daughter with skincare and grooming products can work wonders. When they look good, they feel good. Simple. 

10| Love 
Last but not least, all children deserve your love. Without it, all of the above features become less noticeable. 

Thankfully, this is the easiest part of the process to master. Nonetheless, continued reassurance and praise are necessary to achieve the desired outcomes. This is especially true given that children are mental sponges that soak in the messages you provide. 

When a child is loved and supported by the essentials of a healthy and happy childhood, nothing else matters. And as a parent, knowing you’ve done a great job is the best gift of all. 

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