Recharging In Your Downtime Between Travel Trips

January 22, 2020

If you’re someone who travels a lot, or if you're someone who needs to make some special accommodations when it comes to travel plans, being able to schedule some downtime between each trip is crucial. You need that time to relax and recharge, and even if you’re filled to the brim with wanderlust, it’s always better to collect yourself and your energy before you go charging off again! 

So, with that in mind, here are some of the best ways to ensure you’re resting and feeling your energy come back to you. You need to have some moments to yourself, where you’re not rushing, and there’s nothing to experience or take in, to ensure your brain is tempering itself just fine. 

Try Out Some Yoga
If you’ve just come back from a trip, and you’re sore all over in your muscles, it’s time to stretch yourself out with a bit of light and very beneficial exercise - a.k.a., yoga! Yoga is something that’s very good for the mind and the body, and also doesn’t make you too out of breath as you complete a session either. It’s perfect for people looking to relax after or before their next trip away. 

Unplug and Rest
You’ve been on a trip recently, and while you were there, you may have been updating your Instagram 24/7, or even blogging or vlogging the entire thing! You’ve made some nice memories, and you’ve recorded them very well, but now it’s time to unplug and step away from the online world and the apps on your phone. You need to rest! 

Remove those pesky social media distractions, and do something a bit more mundane or with pen and paper; scrapbooking is wonderful for unplugging! 

Take the TV with You
OK, so you don’t need to actually take the TV with you wherever you go, but you can take what you’d usually watch on the telly with you. Download a few apps to your phone, or even save a few videos on it, and use them to fill the downtime you have in hotel rooms. It helps you to feel a lot more relaxed after walking all day, and offers a lot more than the TV in the hotel room! 

You could even use a VPN to ensure you have access to all your normal account settings on your streaming apps. Some may be blocked in the country you’re currently in, so this saves you a lot of pain! So go on and download something like Kodi, and then head somewhere like to make sure you can set up a location (and be totally safe while watching), and then lay back for a lazy, binging afternoon! 

While you have the downtime you need in your life, make sure you’re doing everything you can to rest and recharge. Give your mind and your body a break; it’s important to store up energy, strength, and suppleness in your muscles before you’re off. 

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