Caravan Sonnet: Singleness


 If you are looking to purchase my book, Prayers for the Single Journey (for women) it is currently under contract with a new publishing company and is not for sale. If you would like to purchase the book, please email me and I will be happy to send you a copy in the meantime.

Listed below are all of the blog posts on singleness and the "Single Journey" here on the blog. You can simply click on the link which will take you to that specific blog post. Blog posts are listed with the newest posts at the top. May you be blessed by the Lord's grace, strength, love, and mercy during this season of your life.

When You Feel Forgotten In the Single Journey
The Ache to Be Married
10 MORE things to Pray for Myself as a (future) Wife
Discouragement in the Single Journey
10 MORE encouraging Bible verses for Single Women
10 MORE things to Pray for your (Future) Husband
Rejection in the Single Journey
Travel and the Single Journey
Hope for the Future in the Single Journey
Active Waiting in the Single Journey
The Power of Words in Relationships
Prayers for the Single Journey for Women Book Update
25 Ways to Fall in Love With Summer as a Single Woman
Lack of Understanding in the Single Journey
The 6 Type of Friends that Every Christian Single Girl Needs
Weeping in the Single Journey
The Single Journey at New Years
The Single Journey at Christmas
10 Things to Pray for Your Single Friend During the Holiday Season
Forgiveness in the Single Journey
Disappointment in the Single Journey

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