25 Ways to Fall in Love with Summer as a Single Woman

July 18, 2016

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When I was 15 years old I and several other girls spent the night at one of our friends house to celebrate the end of school and the beginning of summer. Her mom had rented several summer themed movies for us all to watch. As I look back now I see that all of these movies had a similar theme- finding a summer love. 

As a single gal who loves summer more than any other season, I admit that for me summer is one of the hardest times of being single. For some people the holidays are hard, for others, like my self, a different season, like the summer is a time of deep surrendering our hopes and dreams. But as I have said so many times here before on the blog, we don't want to waste any of the time that the Lord has for us in any season of life He has called us to. We don't want to miss out on the beautiful things that He is doing now. So if you are single and looking for ideas on how to celebrate this specific season here are 25 lovely ideas to help you fall in love with your life, with this season, and most of all fall more in love with the Lord: 

1. Choose a theme to study in scripture and meditate on this throughout the summer. As the summer is the perfect time to be creative, consider combining your study of scripture with creativity, like journaling scripture verses in unique ways

3. Read new books. Looking for suggestions? Check out my top 5 books that have impacted my life HERE

4. Spend time with your family and friends. Take the energy you want to invest in a future spouse and pour it into those around you. "What can you do to promote world peace and create a happier world? Go home and love your family." (Mother Teresa) 

5. Take long walks. Pray and find comfort that even Lord is near, even in the loneliest times.

7. Go to a music concert or local music festival where you live. 

8. Travel or simply find the joy in exploring your city. I have written two posts on this subject (10 Tips for Exploring Your City and 4 More Tips for Exploring your City) to help inspire some ideas of how to do this! (Finding it hard to travel alone? Check out my post, The Single Journey and Travel for some encouragement!)

9. Go on a picnic.

10. Volunteer. Give to a project you are passionate about. 

12. Embrace the moments. 

15. Face a fear that you have.

16. Pray about how you can encourage your single friends in this season. 

17. Learn to love yourself, including your body even if you are struggling with feeling unbeautiful

19. Work on your finances. Create a budget. Set some financial goals.

21. Make a bucket list. 

22. Learn a new language, new instrument, new something.

23. Pick some flowers in a field. Remember that the God who created the beauty of flowers loves you so much more.

24. Know that you are leaving a legacy, even in this hard season.

25. Keep a journal and write about all that God is doing every single day.


  1. Wow. This must be a list for those not living a celibate life by choice. I feel kind of bad for the singles who feel bad about being well single. Come on ladies and gents! The world is full of wonder and all of it is not wrapped up in a spouse! Praise God, love life, love you all. Really hope this list helps those lonely souls out there and God bless Rebecca.

    1. Sheena-Kay,

      Thank you for your comment. While I totally agree with you that this world is full of wonder and is not all wrapped up in a spouse, my posts on singleness are meant to encourage those who want to live fully in this season of life, but are struggling with being single. Like any stage in our lives we have the opportunity to rejoice and praise the Lord despite our circumstances, but that doesn't mean that the longing and waiting in a season is not difficult. I have written many times about this before on my blog and will continue to do so as I know first hand the pain that comes with a deep longing that you are waiting on the Lord to answer. Many of the readers on my blog may be in a single season not by choice but because they are waiting on the Lord to bring the right person to them in His perfect timing. Waiting in this way- on the Lord- doesn't erase the pain of being single or of waiting, it simply is a way of living in faith. My goal in this list is to simply encourage those who are really struggling this summer. I am happy that you have found peace and contentment in this season, that is wonderful, but I respectfully disagree with feeling bad for singles who feel badly about being single. My heart goes out to anyone who is in a "waiting" season as they trust the Lord. I don't feel badly because anyone is struggling with waiting- that is part of being human. It takes a unique courage to trust the Lord with our deepest longings, while living life fully. I am confident that the Lord meets us in our broken-hearted seasons with lots of grace and understanding of our dreams and desires. I hope and pray that this list is simply an encouragement to live life fully and fall in love with summer for those, like myself, who long to be married.

      Blessings, Rebecca

  2. I remember one year I was really struggling with being single, and I ended up going on a vacation by myself to somewhere I've never been before. It was just a reminder to me that I didn't have to wait for Mr. Right to live my life!

    1. Thank you so much Bailey for stopping by and taking the time to comment!! I TOTALLY love your idea. I love dreaming of traveling with my future hubby, but am so glad that I am traveling now and not just waiting for the future. :) Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to keep traveling in this season!!

      Sending love, Rebecca :)