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10 MORE Things to Pray for Yourself as a (Future) Wife

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I have mentioned many times here on the blog that I pray for my future husband on a regular basis. I try to spend time each day praying for him, knowing that when I am married to him that I will want to make prayer a regular part of my life with my husband and for my husband. One of the things that I get asked repeatedly is what exactly I pray for my future husband so I have shared in the past a post on 10 Things to Pray for Your (Future) Husband which can be found HERE. I also have shared 10 More Things to Pray for Your Future Husband which can be found HERE and 10 Things I Pray for Myself as a (Future) Wife which can be found HERE

Today I wanted to share 10 more things that you can pray for yourself as a (future) wife. If you are married I highly encourage you to pray for your husband and if you are single or engaged, I encourage you to start praying for your future husband starting now!

(One) I pray that I would have a hunger for God's word, a passion to know Christ above anything and anyone else.

(Two) I pray that I would have big and daring dreams to change the world for Christ. I pray that I will not be content to just accept the world the way that it is, but have a passion for a calling that is uniquely mine that I can join together with my future husband in. 

(Three) I pray that I would dream big dreams and attempt big things for God, but also have the unique understanding on how to love the people that are placed in front of me. That I would have a genuine understanding of Mother Theresa saying, "Want to change the world? Go home and love your family"

(Four) I pray that I would be filled with joy. I pray that I would know the love of Christ so intimately and that I  would be filled with strength and dignity so that I can laugh at the days to come (Proverbs 31:25) because my ultimate source of peace is found solely in God.

(Five) I pray that I would be delivered from any trials that I am currently going through. I pray that the Lord would write a redemptive story out of any circumstance that I am going through.

(Six) I pray that I would have great discernment that comes from knowing Jesus Christ. I pray that I would consult God before anything and anyone else and pray for wisdom for each and every decision that I am facing whether it be small or big. 

(Seven) I pray that even now the Lord is developing me to be an excellent mother to our future children. I pray that I would have a heart for raising up men and women who love the Lord more than anything else, that I would develop patience and laughter, and that I would have a heart for the orphan.

(Eight) I pray that I would be protected... protected physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

(Nine) I pray that even now the Lord would be preparing my heart for him alone. That our hearts would be joined together by God, the tapestry for this being woven right now as we pray and wait for each other. 

(TenI pray that I would be a woman of prayer. I pray that this will be a hallmark and benchmark of my life, understanding the importance and necessity of prayer.

Are there any specific prayers that you pray for your future spouse? I would love to hear what things you pray for!

(PS- If you are looking for encouragement in the single season of life you can find all of the posts that I have written on the topic of singleness HERE or find my book, Prayers for the Single Journey where books are sold or on Amazon by clicking HERE!)


  1. Pray that you will have a good relationship with his parents and family of origin. That he will come from a similar background as you because that is very important. Contrary to the popular saying, love does not conquer all.

    1. Judi,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!! I appreciate your time that you took to share. It sounds like you have had some rough and difficult times with this or witnessed this personally. I am so sorry. Thank you for sharing with us today.

      Blessings, Rebecca

      PS- I would have loved to email you personally, but unfortunately you are a "no reply blogger". I hope to connect with you more in the future!

    2. Mrs. Judi,
      YOUR words of advice are wonderful. All couples should meet the family of each other day. I think that is a wonderful idea. My husband & I knew each other's family before getting married. It has helped our marriage a great deal.we've been together 13 yrs and married 10 of those 13 years. We've had ups and downs even got close to divorcing. However the with God and Jesus's help, our will to fight to keep our marriage stronger, prayers and the will too stay together we've been doing great with our marriage so far. We are more in love with each other now than ever before. Anyways I just wanted to tell you how nice and so very true your comment on here was.

    3. P.s. it's not supposed to say .... the family of each day lol.

  2. Replies
    1. Regine,

      Thank you so much for stopping by!!

      Blessings, Rebecca

      PS- I would have loved to email you personally, but unfortunately you are a "no reply blogger". I hope to connect with you more in the future!


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