The 6 Types of Friends Every Christian Single Girl Needs

January 16, 2017

Every woman needs friends and community. We all need and long for a special tribe, and as a single woman this need is extremely important. Specifically as single women there are 6 types of friends that we need to journey with us through the difficult and joyful days, the highs and lows, and the hopes and tears of waiting for God's timing. So what are the types of friends that we single girls need? 

The Praying Friend
This is the friend who prayers BIG prayers, dreams big dreams, and believes in the impossible no matter the situation. She is the one who believes that God can and will do immeasurably more than we can ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20)

The Loving Truth Teller Friend
This is the friend that will call you out lovingly when you are tempted to have a pity party, will speak truth into your heart when you are tempted to settle, and will lovingly remind you of the greatest truth- God's truth when you are tempted to feel less than who you are in God's image because you are single. This friend is a beautiful gift in this journey- reminding you of truth and understanding the power of life-giving and redeeming words

The Brave One Friend
This is the beautiful friend that will remind you that life is an adventure and to never settle in this season but to live fully for the Lord in this season. This friend encourages you to ask questions and yet have courage in this season of waiting, beautifully encouraging you to step out and follow the Lord's plans for your life. This is the friend that will also encourage you to use this season of waiting for the Lord's glory. 

The Married Friend
It can be tempting to think that a married friend won't understand this single season of life, but the opposite is true. A Godly woman will be able to share with you and help you mature in areas that can prepare you for marriage in the future. I have learned so much from each of my married friends who have been willing to openly love on me in this season about what true love, sacrifice, and commitment in marriage looks like. Don't be worried about the different seasons- true Godly women understand that we are all always waiting on the Lord for something and will lovingly welcome you into their lives.

The Example Friend
When I was in college I was blessed to work part-time in the Christian Ministry department at my university. I basically just answered phones and answered students questions, but I look back at my time there with such great affection and wonder. There was a woman, Cheryl who had been working as an administrative assistant for a long-time at the University and was one of the sweetest women I have ever known. She treated everyone with Christ's love and I learned so much from her example. My first year of working there I learned that Cheryl was single and I was baffled why. She truly was an amazing woman. As time went on I learned part of her truly heart-breaking story and she became my hero as I watched her live a grace-filled life that was completely joyful. In my second year she entered into a relationship with a wonderful Christian man whom she later married. Cheryl was quite a bit older than me and as a young woman I remember secretly hoping that I wouldn't have to wait so long to be married. But one day Cheryl said something to me that I have never forgotten. She said, "Rebecca, God's timing is absolutely perfect, for it is in God's timing that I have become the woman He is calling me to be. I trust that His timing is better than I could ever have imagined." I remember going home to my apartment and crying out to the Lord to have her faith for God's timing in this very important area of my life. Years later after my ex-fiance' walked out on our relationship shortly before our wedding Cheryl sent me a beautiful letter filled with wisdom and encouragement that I have kept to this day. Cheryl's beautiful example (and many others since then) have tenderly touched my heart, encouraged me, and reminded me that God's timing is flawless. 

The Listener Friend
There are times where as single girls we just need to weep at this difficult season of life. In these moments we need the friend who will listen and cry with us. The listener has the gift of truly listening to our hearts and encouraging us in the difficult moments of life.

What kind of friends do you think every Christian single girls needs? What kind of friend category do you think that you are?


  1. Beautifully written, and so so true! This makes me realize that I need more female friends in my life - especially those who support my faith. And it makes me wonder what kind of friend I am to others. I am married, and I know that over time, focusing on my husband has caused me to minimize my friendships with others. I think this happens to a lot of women, and it ends up being a big regret.