Lake Placid Adventure

February 24, 2019

Happy Sunday friends! Today I am excited to start sharing about an adventure over in Lake Placid (where I will be heading) for the next several days! I am so grateful to be partnering with the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort for this trip and can't wait to bring you along on this adventure! Stay tuned for some exciting blog posts but also lots of sharing over with my instagram community! You can following along by clicking HERE

I am also excited to share that starting with this trip I am going to start adding Instagram Stories! I have been wanting to add this in for a while and thought it would be the perfect time to start! *smiles*

I hope y'all have had a wonderful day! Happy Sunday friends! 

PS- It is hard to believe that this picture was snapped the last time I spent some time over in Lake Placid (except for skiing at Whiteface last year! *smiles*) back in early 2017. These past two years have been a whirlwind in many ways of deep moments, incredible blessings, and some of the hardest moments of life too. As I remember looking out over the mountains in this picture I had no idea what the next couple of years would bring... and yet as I look back I remain so incredibly grateful. Thank you for following along here on this blog space and joining me in this journey of life friends these past two years and all of the years of this blog before that- I am so excited to see what the next couple of years will bring!!

Updated: You can read all about the adventure over in Lake Placid by clicking on the links below! 
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