Generations Restaurant at Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort // Lake Placid, New York

March 12, 2019

Happy Tuesday friends! Today I am excited to share about Generations Restaurant which is located adjacent and connected to the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort! If you missed last weeks posts about my stay at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort you can click on the links below (or find more information about our stay at the end of this post!)!

Generations Restaurant is located at the end of the property (attached through a hallway entrance or you can access it from the street). If you stay at the Golden Arrow then you will receive a discount for happy hour drinks all throughout the day. 
One of the things that was delightful to discover was the fact that Generations Restaurant carries a wide variety of gluten free options on the menu and all of their pizzas (both the breakfast pizzas and the lunch/dinner pizzas) all come on a cauliflower crust so there is no chance of any cross contamination. As someone who has Celiac Disease it was nice to know that these options were available at the restaurant even before I arrived and it was refreshing to know that so much precautions were taken and I could enjoy breakfast with no worries of cross-contamination.
I was able to get a real feel for Generations as I ate breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner from the restaurant. The menu above shows you how many lovely options there was and it was very delicious y'all! The presentation of my meals was absolutely lovely. As a lady fighting for her health it was also wonderful to read about how Generations Restaurant strives to use quality food that is all-natural and without preservatives, antibiotics, and hormones as well as using fresh local produce.

As with each step you took at the Golden Arrow property, the views from Generations to the lake was absolutely stunning. During the summer months you can also eat outside which would also be so sweet! The beauty that surrounds the property and the restaurant is breath-taking and simply can't be described adequately in words. 

I truly hope that y'all have the opportunity to go and eat at Generations! 
Interested in booking a stay at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort? You can connect with the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort and make reservations here:

Phone Number: (844) 209-8080

I hope that each of you have a chance to stay at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort. It is truly such a beautiful and lovely place. Please let me know if you have any questions!! 
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A huge thank you to Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort for the lovely stay and the complimentary delicious breakfast at Generations Restaurant.  ALL opinions are my own.

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