A Sunny February Weekend

February 18, 2019

Happy Monday friends! I hope you are having a wonderful start to this new week! How was your weekend? Mine seemed to fly by with fun and sweet times! And some of you reading this are just going to laugh because you know it is true, but it was chilly and I loved it. *smiles*
Saturday morning I worked on shop details (for both December Caravan and December Lane) and wrapped up orders for the December Caravan shop! Thank you so much for your support sweet friends! I was so excited to share this new Dreamer Tag Journal with y'all on Saturday (you can read more about it HERE)! I can't wait to share some of the other fun items coming to the shop this week!
On Saturday I also spent some time working on wrapping up some orders of this book, When Hope Restores. It is always such a humbling thing to send books literally around the world and I am so grateful for everyone who purchases one. Thank you so much!
It was a beautiful (and chilly!) weekend with sun and blue skies and on Saturday it was the perfect day to take a long drive along the lake. The views were stunning and took our breath away! It was fun to drive along the lake and then head back into the mountains! The fresh white snow was simply gorgeous!

Later that night I watched the movie "Hunter Killer" with friends. Have y'all seen it? It was definitely action packed and I thought it was really well acted. Sometimes you just want a fun "guy" movie full of action and adventure- especially when you have guys watching with you *smiles* and so it was a fun movie to watch. Disclaimer: It is rated "R" ... honestly y'all know I have a VERY sensitive heart and am pretty picky about what I watch. I didn't realize it was rated "R" till after we watched it... I think that there is some definite language and it is a bit violent, but overall it was one honestly one of the "cleaner" movies I have seen and it seemed to me that there are some TV shows with more violence. (Not endorsing that just trying to give an accurate picture.) Let me know what you guys think! 
Yesterday (Sunday) was spent connecting with friends and loved ones, yoga, being outdoors and writing letters to dear ones. I also am busily working to finish a project up for an upcoming birthday! I can't believe that we are already in the middle of February y'all! This new year seems to be flying so quickly. I want to grab onto the moments and just hold time still in some ways, and yet it continues to march forward and with that I know will come new adventures and joys. 

This weekend was also spent busily working on a blog/brand re-design that is taking place (and has been for several months now!). It is hard to believe that this space has been around for more than six years as of January 2013! I want to share more, but thank you for following along, your support and your love all of these years friends. You are truly a blessing and I can't wait to move forward with you!

Did y'all have a good weekend? Did you do anything special this weekend? Happy Monday friends! I hope that you have a wonderful beginning to your new week! 

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