Taking Your 'Self' To The Next Level

February 14, 2019

We all have our own sense of personal development and are either happy or unhappy with how our lives have turned out. The state of yin and yang is perhaps one of the most powerful symbols in the world, because it shows that with all good comes a little bad, but with all bad comes a little good. This also translates to the fact that if you’re happy with your life, there’s always the chance that something could happen and leave you wanting more. But if you’re unhappy, there’s always the chance of a better tomorrow. This sounds like a profoundly neutral and detached concept, but when we think of it deeper we realize this fundamental principle of the world gives us balance, harmony and freedom.

Even with both of these sides on the table, taking ourselves to the next level of self can help us overcome our limiting beliefs, and help us experience an even better development of that balance. Over time we’ll sees the good from bad, and try to enjoy a more connected sense of unity with ourselves. But that only comes when you’re engaged in life, and willing to proceed to the next level. You might achieve that by:

Education matters. It is the one thing we often feel like finishing when we get on with our ‘adult’ responsibilities. Most of us can’t wait to hand in our final dissertation or project in college, or leave school and seek gainful employment. But what if this attitude was backwards? Education isn’t some form of empty chore to be undertaken thanks to a lack of anything better to do. It is the building blocks of your character, your specialism, and how much of a headstart you have in an industry. For those reasons, it matters. It truly does matter. Simply resuming your education through reading fantastic books, developing a more competent explorative worldview through experience, or studying a one year online MBA can surely help you get one step closer to wherever you wish to head.

Many people don’t think of the necessity to build virtues they can rely on. We often think that they are some kind of development that builds naturally within us, but cannot be practiced. This is why there’s so much talk about ‘finding yourself’ and not ‘building yourself.’ Obviously you should do both, but sometimes it’s easy to neglect that balance and fall to easily on simply laying with the vague ‘it’ll come one day’ perception. If you take the bull by the horns and practice what you preach, practice being more patient and kinder to people, and simply trying a little harder each and every time you fail, you’ll build an inner resilience, and that will be virtue.

Sometimes the only difference between you and the person you don’t want to be is how much self-love you exercise. Vanity and narcissism aren’t self love, but a warped sense of identity power. Instead, try being kinder to yourself. Instead of telling yourself you are beautiful, take it from the mindset of accepting your flaws and feeling confident in who you are. This way you feel much more grounded, much less filled with bravado, and ironically through that you will be beautiful - inside and out.

With these tips, you’ll develop an extremely health personal mindset.

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