Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort // Lake Placid, New York

March 5, 2019

Today I am so excited to share with y'all about the trip that I took to the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort last week. I know many of you saw the pictures on my IG feed of my time there and remarked how gorgeous and peaceful it was. I say this often, but Lake Placid always seems to hold a "magical" quality about it (due to the Olympic stories and the connection to nature) and having Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort nestled right in the midst of everything was truly a beautiful experience.
Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort is located in Lake Placid, New York and is nestled right into the heart of the Adirondacks. With a slogan that states, "the only thing we overlook is the lake", you know that you are in for a treat and I can attest that this is truly the only thing that is overlooked with your stay. Overlooking Mirror Lake, the resort looks like a postcard and is perfect for a romantic getaway, a girls trip, a solo retreat or a family vacation. 
Golden Arrow has been recognized by locals and those traveling from afar from a variety of countries dating back to the 1980 Olympics and before with the family history of the property. Golden Arrow has won a certificate of excellence (2018) by Trip Advisor and a Loved By Guests Award Winner (2019) along with a couples choice awards on wedding wire in 2019 and is part of the Knot's 2019 best of weddings pick. If you were part of the giveaway that Golden Arrow hosted you may have read some of the incredibly sweet testimonies of those who have gotten married and eloped at Golden Arrow and those last few awards are probably no surprise. 
Golden Arrow was the first eco friendly property in the state of New York and all throughout the resort you will see nods to the continued effort to keep improving this area throughout your stay in a variety of ways. One of those ways is through the multiple facts that are shared around the resort like you see in the pictures above.
I arrived in the early evening hours on Sunday night after a drive over to the property. You can read more about my thoughts as I was driving over to Golden Arrow in my IG stories (click HERE). As I shared on IG, it definitely felt like I had walked onto the set of a Hallmark Channel Winter/Christmas movie and it was beautiful. One of the things that I was told by a couple of the staff that worked at Golden-Arrow was that they don't just decorate for Christmas - they decorate for winter. I loved that and it was simply beautiful. In my stories you can see the sweet view from my balcony of the skating rink all lit up at night which was simply beautiful. 
As I shared on IG it took me less than 2 minutes to quickly fall in love with the property. After I was warmly welcomed at check in I got settled into my beautiful room and was simply in awe of the surrounding beauty that I saw. 
I stayed in room 546 (the Haystack Room) which was honestly one of the most beautiful rooms I have ever stayed at before. It was truly lovely and I can't wait to share more with y'all on Thursday about the room specifically. If you would like to see a picture of it before then you can see in my stories a walk through of the room. 
After briefly unpacking and exploring the room, I walked down to Generations (the yummy restaurant associated with the property) and took out a gluten free pizza to go back to the room. I snuggled up in the big easy chair by the fire, read, and did some work and it was absolutely lovely. 
The next morning I awoke to a snowy day and felt like I had stepped into a winter snow globe. In a unique way the snow only seemed to enhance the magical aspect of the property. I went down to Generations, ate breakfast and then met with Joell (the marketing strategist of Golden Arrow) who kindly showed me around the property. 
After this I went and spent the rest of the day walking the property, spending time taking photos, and experiencing the beauty of the place. While I had hoped to spend time doing the dog sled ride and the Toboggan run, it was unfortunately to cold and windy to do either of these things. Unfortunately this meant that also spending time outside (either skating, skiing or winter hiking) was also not available. 

At first I was disappointed, but it provided me a really unique opportunity to see the property and spend time in the property itself. And if I am being completely honest... sometimes this is one of the best ways to really get a "feel" of a place- even if the weather or other circumstances don't always cooperate the way that you hope when you are traveling. Because I write about travel and places to stay here on the blog- it is moments like this that are always interesting to me because I feel like it really gives the place the opportunity to "showcase" itself despite the weather. 

With a wind temperature below zero I was hopeful that Golden Arrow would still be wonderful without all of the opportunities to do things and it was. In this case Golden Arrow showed itself beautifully and provided a beautiful cozy luxury retreat from the chilly weather and winds surrounding the village of Lake Placid. While the property offers tons of activities (winter and summer- many of which are included in the price and cost of your stay for no additional charge), I believe it offers the retreat that many people are looking for after spending time outside (whether hiking in the Adirondacks, visiting the Olympic sites, exploring Lake Placid, or spending time on Mirror Lake) while still providing an escape all on its own for those who are wanting to have a quiet and restful retreat. Tomorrow in my blog post I am going to share about all of the unique offerings of Golden Arrow, but today I want to share a bit more of the history. 
A family property, with a history that traces its roots to Germany, the property feels like you have stepped into Europe with its architecture, artwork, and nods to the past. Wini and Stefani Holderied, originally from Germany, met in New York City and fell in love, not only with each other, but eventually with the beautiful area of Lake Placid. 
In 1974 a 36-room motel (right on Mirror Lake) in the center of Lake Placid became available and the Holderieds purchased the property. While it had the name of Golden Arrow, it was smaller than they wished it would be and they had dreams of expansion from the beginning. 

Both the Holderieds had a part in the pre-arrival of the Olympic games coming to Lake Placid, and went on to host both the German and Austrian ski teams and diplomats and helped volunteer in numerous ways. 
The family and inclusive spirit didn't end in the 1980s but instead has been carried through these last four decades to provide the foundation for a family like atmosphere where everyone feels welcome when they visit. Traveling alone I wasn't sure what to expect, but I immediately felt part of a family in my experience at the Golden Arrow. I found the staff to be incredibly welcoming and made friends with other guests the first day. 

Whatever your reason for going to Lake Placid is, you will want to stay at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort and make this the basis of your plans. To be honest it is worth a trip over to Lake Placid all on its own - that is how much I recommend it. 
Interested in booking a stay at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort? You can connect with the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort and make reservations here:

Phone Number: (844) 209-8080

I hope that each of you have a chance to stay at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort. It is truly such a beautiful and lovely place. Please let me know if you have any questions!! 

(If you are interested in reading more about the history of the Golden Arrow you can do so HERE!)

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A huge thank you to Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort for the lovely stay and the complimentary delicious breakfast at Generations Restaurant.  ALL opinions are my own.

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